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  1. advice
    Ask Polly: Why Is My Ex’s Happiness Making Me So Sad?You’re human. That’s fine.
  2. advice
    Ask Polly: Can I Be Friends With My Ex Now That I’m Married?Yes, but ask yourself why you want to be.
  3. advice
    Ask Polly: Is My Boyfriend Bad News?For this week’s answer, we take a trip to Deadwood.
  4. breakups
    Are You an Exaholic? Better than an alcoholic; worse than a chocoholic.
  5. Zoe Saldana Is Probably Not Friends With Bradley CooperAll of her exes are dead to her.
  6. exes
    Robin Thicke and Adam Levine Demonstrate How Not to Be an Ex-BoyfriendYou know the type.
  7. exes
    Typical: Chris Brown Texted Rihanna on Her Birthday“Happy Birthday.” “Thanks … How are you?”
  8. Taylor Swift Shopping for Houses Near Boys AgainFrom Cape Cod to London, Swift’s into settling by her boyfriends.
  9. exes
    True Bromance Is Opening a Bar Named After Your Mutual ExRochelle drinks for free. 
  10. bad news
    Public Health Workers Will Call Your Ex If You Have an STDYou weren’t brave enough, so now it’s a government service.
  11. weird scandals
    Arizona Muse’s ‘Messy’ Ex: A Cautionary TaleHe claims she’s a drug addict, but so is he.
  12. revenge
    James Franco Now on Call to Help Infuriate Ex-BoyfriendsHe embraces a high-schooler in the name of revenge.
  13. breakups
    Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis Broke UpAccording to Louis’s Instagram.
  14. studies
    Survey: Friends Sick of Hearing About Your ExPay a life coach to listen to you mope.
  15. true love
    Nick Gruber’s Ex Will Air Footage From His Abandoned Reality ShowLesson No. 1: Don’t leave an unscrupulous ex with hours of video.
  16. true love
    A Version of Nick Gruber’s Tell-all Book ExistsYou know, that one about Calvin Klein.
  17. exes
    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are Talking and It’s IntenseDare to dream, Twi-hards.
  18. bad relationships
    Ex Sex Not the Worst Idea EverA new study shows that backsliding might be helpful.
  19. relationships
    At What Point Does PDA Mean a Couple Is Back Together?Arnold grabs Maria’s butt, Justin kisses Selena.
  20. hollywood exes
    Kim-Kris, Bieber-Gomez Reunions Nigh; Bynes Reunites With BlonskyThe day celebrities embraced their exes.
  21. true love
    Olivier Sarkozy’s Ex-Wife ‘Loves’ Mary-Kate OlsenOr maybe she just wants free clothes.
  22. battle of the burches
    One More Thing Chris and Tory Burch Disagree OnOn top of all that lawsuit business.