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  1. power
    Lizzo Wants a Judge to Dismiss Dancers’ LawsuitThe singer “denies each and every allegation” against her.
  2. astrology
    How Astrologers Track Planets to Explain Pretty Much AnythingWelcome to Astrology 2.0: Aspects.
  3. celebrity
    A Bianca Censori PrimerThe woman inside the pantyhose.
  4. astrology
    Mercury Retrograde Is Back … and It’s a Good Thing?!Here’s how to make the most of it.
  5. astrology
    Astrology’s Secret Weapon to Understanding Your Romantic RelationshipsA guide to all things Venus — yes, including Venus retrograde.
  6. hot bod
    How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?It’s not the same as a gym sesh but that’s fine!
  7. explainer
    A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot CardsEverything you need to know to get started reading.
  8. star material
    Venus Retrograde Is Coming for Your SummerThe key to surviving it? Just give in.
  9. theranos
    Everything to Know About Sunny BalwaniThe former Theranos COO has had his prison sentence reduced.
  10. self
    What Is Your Life-Path Number?The digits that make up your date of birth might say something about who you are now and who you’re destined to become. We’ll explain.
  11. star material
    Your Summer Plans, Astrologically SpeakingWake up, babe: it’s the summer solstice. Here’s what you can expect from the stars.
  12. power
    Everything We Know About the Investigation Into Andrew TateThe misogynist influencer will go to trial on charges of rape and human trafficking in Romania.
  13. star material
    How to Make Astrology’s Spookiest Planet Work for YouYes, Pluto is terrifying. No, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  14. publishing drama
    Why Are People So Upset About Elizabeth Gilbert’s New Book?The Eat, Pray, Love author announced she’s halting the release of her Soviet-era book following backlash about its setting.
  15. star material
    Jupiter Is Entering Taurus to Bring Us Some Needed ReliefThank the stars.
  16. keeping up with the royals
    King Charles Is Way Weirder Than You Realize21 fun facts about Britain’s strange new monarch.
  17. star material
    Yet Another Eclipse Is Coming to Wreak Astrological HavocAnd it’s happening in Scorpio. Chills.
  18. keeping up with the royals
    The Juiciest Coronation Drama Has Nothing to Do With Meghan and HarryHave you heard of the Marchioness of Cholmondeley?
  19. star material
    This Solar Eclipse in Aries Will Shake Things UpBatten down the hatches.
  20. star material
    Yeah, It’s Time for Mercury Retrograde AgainAnd this one is going to force us to loosen up.
  21. chronic pain
    Why Aren’t More of Us Talking About Slipping Rib Syndrome?“This is probably one of the most underdiagnosed conditions people have,” one doctor says.
  22. beauty
    The New Face Tattoo Doesn’t Look Like OneInked-on lip color, eyeliner, and freckles — like those done by Brooklyn-based artist Saki Lee — look more natural than ever.
  23. star material
    Pluto Is Entering Aquarius (and Sending Everyone Into a Spiral)The last time this happened was in 1777.
  24. tech
    Unpacking the Recent Flood of TikTok BansThe app’s murky connection to China has alarmed a lot of politicians — and now the White House.
  25. crime
    4 Americans Were Kidnapped While Seeking Cosmetic Surgery in MexicoTwo reportedly survived, and two were found dead.
  26. star material
    This Saturn-in-Pisces Transit Is About to Make Things WeirdIn a good way! Maybe!
  27. star material
    A Handy Guide to Neptune in AstrologyIt’s a pretty intense planet.
  28. movies
    Are You Ready for Cocaine Bear?Here’s the real story of how “a 500-pound apex predator” wound up doing a “staggering” amount of blow.
  29. No One Is Talking About This Tax Credit for Small BusinessesIt flew under the radar for years, but could be the boost women-owned businesses need.
  30. star material
    An Astrological Preview of 2023There’s no easy way to say this: There will be four (four!) Mercury retrogrades. Sorry!
  31. star material
    Plan Your Future With the North and South Nodes in AstrologyWe’re talking destiny, people!
  32. star material
    A Handy Guide to Astrology’s Black Moon LilithLots of mystery and intrigue with this one.
  33. star material
    Asteroids Are a Good Thing — in AstrologyThey’re not harbingers of chaos. They’re harbingers of understanding (your birth chart, specifically).
  34. star material
    It’s No Coincidence That the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Is on Election DayChaos loves chaos!
  35. star material
    Gird Your Loins: Mars Retrograde Is ComingThink Mercury retrograde on steroids.
  36. star material
    A Guided Tour of the 12 Astrological HousesZillow but make it zodiac.
  37. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    Why Does My ‘For You Page’ Want Me to Practice Post-Sex Aftercare?Finally, a TikTok trend we can get behind.
  38. star material
    Astrology Birth Charts 101A guide to calculating and interpreting your natal chart.
  39. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    The Kids Are Stealing Cars on TikTok NowMeet the “Kia Boyz.”
  40. star material
    Chiron Is the Therapist of the CosmosUnderstanding this in your astrological birth chart will help you find all sorts of healing.
  41. covid-19
    When Will Young Kids Be Able to Get the COVID Vaccine?The FDA has authorized emergency use of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for children under 5.
  42. backlash
    A White Woman’s Book on ‘Trap Feminism’ Has Been PulledUnpacking the backlash to Bad and Boujee.
  43. health
    What to Know About AphasiaBruce Willis’s family announced he is stepping back from his career after being diagnosed with the condition.
  44. explainers
    A Broadway Singing Coach Was Fatally ShovedNow, a 26-year-old from Long Island has turned herself in — and the case keeps getting stranger.
  45. sex and the city
    Why Isn’t Samantha in And Just Like That …?Turns out, she wasn’t even invited.
  46. explainer
    What We Know About COVID-19 Booster ShotsThe FDA is now recommending all adults over 18 get a booster shot.
  47. what’s this?
    So You Want to Talk About the Supply-Chain CrisisEverything you need to know about holiday shopping, shipping delays, and why everything is out of stock.
  48. we are all gucci
    The True Story That Inspired House of GucciAn epic and completely outrageous tale of betrayal and revenge.
  49. star wars?
    What Even Is Dune?Will I ever understand? And other questions about fall’s big sci-fi blockbuster.
  50. explainer
    Is It Allergies or a Breakthrough Infection?Here’s everything we know about COVID cases among vaccinated people, and what to do if you’re worried you might have one.
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