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  1. climate change
    What to Know About the New Climate DealThe Senate just passed the country’s most ambitious climate legislation to date.
  2. lies
    Alex Jones Owes Over $49 Million for His Sandy Hook LiesAfter a jury ordered him to pay one victim’s parents $45.2 million in punitive damages.
  3. shakira
    Shakira Could Face Jail Time Over Alleged Tax FraudA Spanish prosecutor is seeking an eight-year prison sentence for the singer, who was charged with tax evasion in 2018.
  4. sexual misconduct
    All the Allegations Against James FrancoAs the actor makes his return to film, a timeline of the misconduct accusations that got us here.
  5. theranos
    Everything to Know About Sunny BalwaniThe former Theranos president secretly dated Elizabeth Holmes for years. On Friday, he was convicted on 12 fraud charges.
  6. met gala 2022
    What Is Happening With the Met Gala This Year?Everything you need to know about the red-carpet event around the corner.
  7. explainers
    A Broadway Singing Coach Was Fatally ShovedNow, a 26-year-old from Long Island has turned herself in — and the case keeps getting stranger.
  8. keeping up with the royals
    An Exhaustive Guide to the Sex-Abuse Allegations Against Prince AndrewHe’s paid his settlement with Virginia Giuffre, though many questions remain.
  9. investigations
    Why Does the Dune Worm Look Like … That?We asked a member of the movie’s VFX team.
  10. met gala 2021
    Met Gala 2021: What Is the Met Gala, Anyway?Your guide to the Met Gala: how to watch, who is going and why is it important.
  11. power
    What Does It Mean to Pack the Court?Congress can legally expand the number of seats on the Supreme Court, and some Democrats want to do it.
  12. drama
    What Is ‘Call Her Daddy,’ and Why Is It Fighting?A look at the latest podcasting drama, and an answer to the question “Who is Suitman?”
  13. explainers
    Customers Say DevaCurl Is Making Their Hair Fall OutEverything we know about the backlash against the popular curly hair products.
  14. crime
    3 Months Ago, a 25-Year-Old Went Missing. Her Body Was Finally Found.Everything we know about the murder of Stephanie Parze.
  15. explainers
    Where to Shvitz in New YorkA guide to navigating the city’s (and North Jersey’s) baths, onsens, and 24-hour K-spas.
  16. explainers
    So, Who Is Tom Hanks’s Rapper Son?Chet Haze is a tattooed Northwestern alumnus.
  17. explainers
    Your Questions About CBD, AnsweredIs that CBD gummy useful, or just delicious?
  18. power
    Everything We Know About Deborah Ramirez’s Allegations Against KavanaughA damning new report indicates that her claims were never fully investigated, even though she had potential witnesses who were willing to speak.
  19. explainers
    Drake’s Erotic Watch Has a 269-Year BackstoryNice.
  20. retail woes
    What Is Going on With Topshop?The brand is closing all stores, and its owner was just charged with a misdemeanor in Arizona.
  21. wife guys
    Everything to Know About Cliff Wife, the Wife Who Fell Off a CliffInside one YouTuber’s dramatic saga-turned Twitter meme.
  22. explainers
    What Is “I’m Baby?”Unpacking a beautiful, absurdist, infantilizing meme.
  23. niche drama
    Wots This Peppa Pig Sexism Row All About, Then?Who would want to cancel the beloved cartoon pig, and why?
  24. explainers
    Why This Wild ’80s Designer Is Making a ComebackCardi B and Kim Kardashian West have something to do with it.
  25. niche drama
    This Female Twitter Comic Was Actually a Man Pretending to Be His Own WifeAn intoxicatingly inane Twitter scandal, explained.
  26. politics
    Roger Stone Allegedly Threatened to Kidnap This Precious DogEverything we know about sweet Bianca, who comes up in Stone’s recent indictment.
  27. explainers
    How Dangerous Is Stephen Elliott’s Lawsuit to the Women Behind the Spreadsheet?What women who contributed to the Shitty Media Men spreadsheet need to know.
  28. drama
    What’s Going on With Avital Ronell, the Prominent Theorist Accused of HarassmentThe story exited the insular world of academia and became another flash point in the ongoing debate about consent, power, and harassment.
  29. power
    All About Maria Butina, the Gun-Loving Russian Woman Accused of Being a SpyButina, 29, is facing charges of being an unregistered foreign agent.
  30. media
    Why People Are Mad About The Atlantic’s Controversial New HireFor starters, Kevin Williamson once wrote that women who have abortions should be hanged.
  31. ey i’m runnin’ here
    5 Things to Know About Cynthia Nixon’s Political HistoryHere’s a primer on her work as an activist.
  32. true crime
    What to Know About the New Natalie Wood Case DevelopmentsPolice have confirmed that her husband at the time, Robert Wagner, is now a “person of interest.”
  33. crime
    The Case of the Murdered Canadian Billionaires Is Getting Stranger and StrangerPrivate investigators reportedly now believe that Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered by multiple people.
  34. media
    Why Is the Writer Who Broke the Aziz Ansari Story Fighting With This TV Host?There is one particularly angry email.
  35. explainers
    What Is Babe.net, the Website Behind the Aziz Ansari Story?It’s a site “for girls who don’t give a f*ck.”
  36. crime
    What We Know About the Case of the 13 Siblings Held Captive in Their HomeAged 2 through 29, they were found shackled to their beds and severely malnourished.
  37. explainers
    What Does Net Neutrality Mean for Your Instagram Addiction?How today’s decision could affect your favorite app.
  38. niche drama
    The Dramatic Feud Between Two New York Lawyers, ExplainedEverything to know about the Cellino & Barnes split.
  39. explainers
    A Guide to the Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Star Who’s Probably Putin’s DaughterAnswers to your questions about Katerina Tikhonova, including: what the hell is acrobatic rock’n’roll?
  40. explainers
    Which IUD Should You Get?The pros and cons of the five T-shaped soldiers available.
  41. explainers
    Why Did the Government Want to Ban This Herbal Supplement?This pain-relieving leaf is stirring up controversy.
  42. explainers
    Eating Only One Food to Lose Weight Is a Terrible IdeaMono diets aren’t weight-loss magic.
  43. awful things
    Flakka Is Like Bath Salts, But WorseThe synthetic stimulant can have terrifying side effects.
  44. pipe dreams
    The Reason We Don’t Have Male Birth Control Is Simpler Than You ThinkIt’s not just about money and gender politics.
  45. love and war
    Tracee Ellis Ross Is ‘Confused’ by People Who Don’t Like the Word ‘Feminist’And the word’s upcoming appearance on Black-ish.
  46. david bowie
    The Story Behind David Bowie’s Unusual EyesIt’s a condition called anisocoria.
  47. explainers
    The Woman at the Center of the Lanvin DramaAs tensions escalate at the house, a look at its elusive owner.
  48. am i dying
    Why Do I Jerk Awake Right As I’m Falling Asleep?Just when you think you’re drifting off, you are roused very unpleasantly. Here’s what’s going on.
  49. guides
    What Does ‘Netflix and Chill’ Really Look Like?Does it ever include a cashmere scarf?
  50. explainers
    Was That a Blow-Job Bib on Empire Last Night?Does everyone already own a blow-job bib and no one told us?!
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