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  1. everything guide
    What’s the Right Mascara for Your Lash Type?Short, curly, or straight and down-turned?
  2. what should i get
    4 Experts on How They Would Spend $60 at UltaHow to use your gift cards this holiday season.
  3. high brow
    How to Get Strong, Thick Eyebrows Like RihannaBad-gal brows.
  4. best bet
    A Makeup Remover That Can Tackle Any Waterproof MascaraWith zero tugging or harsh maneuvers.
  5. wave a stick at it
    7 Pretty Taupe Shadows to Brighten Your EyesTaupe doesn’t have to be boring.
  6. best bets
    Smudgeproof Mascara That’s Practically BionicTruly no smudges. 
  7. farewell to the cut
    This Beauty Editor’s Must-Have ProductsA rare list of my all-time-favorite beauty staples.
  8. cha-chung
    Get Alexa Chung’s Cat Eye in a BottleLike a genie, but better.
  9. obsessive tester
    One Liquid Liner Will Make You Feel Like a Pro But we had to test ten others to be sure.
  10. three of a kind
    Two Types of Totally Tubular Mascara to Try OutDon’t try to understand it too much, just look at these six eyelash options.