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  1. obsessive tester
    17 Best Eyelash Curlers for Swoopy, Lifted LashesAccording to experts, for lashes like a Nike symbol without any pinching.
  2. obsessive tester
    The 10 Absolute Best Fake EyelashesIf you really, really miss your lash extensions.
  3. backstage beauty
    How to Get the Marc Jacobs Muppet LashesGo big or go home.
  4. lunchtime buy
    This Mascara Is Even Better Than Glossier’sIf you liked Lashslick, but didn’t love it.
  5. beauty
    How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?The short answer: not long enough.
  6. we tried this
    6 Women Test Out NARS’ New MascaraTesting out the new Climax mascara.
  7. pretty simple
    How to Do ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ When You Have FrecklesDon’t hide them!
  8. glossy glossier glossiest
    5 Women Road-Test Glossier’s New MascaraHow does the new barely there Lash Slick measure up?
  9. everything guide
    Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash ExtensionsThe bad and the (mostly) good.
  10. everything guide
    These Are the 15 Best Lengthening MascarasFor the best natural-looking, and “I can’t believe they’re not fake” lashes.
  11. everything guide
    The Best Waterproof Mascara According to People Who Would KnowThe mascara they use on This Is Us.
  12. everything guide
    Why I Make My Eyelashes Look Fake Every DayAt work, they’ve taught me the importance of eye contact.
  13. everything guide
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Fake EyelashesWhat they’re made of, how to apply them, and which ones are perfect for you.
  14. everything guide
    The Sick-Day Mascara TrickIn every woman’s life, there comes a day where she must fake being sick in order to get off work.
  15. everything guide
    The Ultimate Guide to Growing Long, Fluttery EyelashesFrom lash serums to fancy vitamins.
  16. everything guide
    The Best Mascaras We’ve Ever Written AboutAll 73 of them.
  17. everything guide
    The Psychology Behind Why We Like Long, Dark EyelashesA cultural, biological, cosmetic mystery.
  18. let’s makeup
    Charlotte Tilbury’s Newest Products Are HereThe Beauty Filter collection will make you look good online and IRL.
  19. let’s makeup
    Drew Barrymore Unleashes Her Best Smolder in Her New Mascara AdFlower Beauty’s mascara will give you falsie-like lashes.
  20. new faces of things
    Nicole Richie’s Eyelashes Have a New JobShe’s the face of Urban Decay’s Troublemaker mascara.
  21. let’s makeup
    How to Give Your Eyelashes a MakeoverMakeup artist Tracy Murphy believes that all of your lashes deserve to thrive.
  22. hairy situations
    A Woman Sneezed While Using an Eyelash CurlerIt’s not pretty.
  23. tv beauty
    The Best Eyelashes on TV, Maybe EverUnapologetic, bold, sophisticated, perfect.
  24. lab rat
    The Best Way to Avoid Clumpy EyelashesMagic. 
  25. purposes
    Eyelashes: Not Just for Flirting, Say ScientistsSignificant bioengineering work from scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  26. best bet
    How to Get Perfectly Curly EyelashesNo pinching or perming required. 
  27. don’t bat a lash
    3 New, Great Drugstore Mascaras Under $15CVS’s hidden gems. 
  28. obsessive tester
    5 Organic Mascaras That Are Surprisingly EffectiveShailene would approve. 
  29. beauty gif
    How to Curl Your Eyelashes With Fire and Not Get BurnedLike a perm for your eyelashes.
  30. lab rat
    Should You Believe in ‘Magical’ Mascara From Korea?Don’t be alarmed by the weird wand.
  31. Zoe Saldana Has Eyelashes Like Paris TrafficHow to get traffic-stopping lashes.
  32. cheap thrills
    The 9 Best Drugstore Finds for Lashes and LipsTwo-dollar Popsicle lips and more. 
  33. most dangerous beauty
    The Most Dangerous Beauty Through the AgesEight products and procedures that make Botox look downright reasonable.
  34. gift guide
    The Cut’s 2013 Luxe Beauty Gift GuideBeauty gifts to use in selfies and brag about on Instagram. 
  35. faking it
    How to Get Lashes Like Beyoncé’s in Fifteen MinutesIt’s all mink, baby.
  36. faking it
    I Got Lash Extensions: How Obvious Do They Look?My boss and boyfriend noticed them, but my mom didn’t.
  37. tastemakers
    Shu Uemura’s Gina Brooke Did Not Always Want to Be a Makeup ArtistWe caught up with Brooke to talk about her days as a lingerie designer and styling B.B. King.