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Fabien Baron

  1. Coddington, Kawakubo Star in Interview PortfolioThey were photographed for a sweeping 60-page section by Fabien Baron.
  2. social fashion
    The Cut’s 50 Fashion Social Media Voices to FollowOur favorite accounts of the moment.
  3. party chats
    Fabien Baron is Pleased With the New TBut he’s displeased with the logo.
  4. campaign trail
    16-Year-Old Lindsey Wixson Stars in Versace’s Vanitas Fragrance Ads16-year-old Lindsey Wixson lands a fragrance contract with Versace’s latest scent, Vanitas.
  5. beauty marks
    Sienna Miller Washes Her Face With Shampoo; Bobbi Brown and Lauren Bush CollaborateAnd ‘Addicted to Beauty’ is like ‘The Office’ with liposuction, according to the ‘Times.’
  6. beauty marks
    Jennifer Aniston Shuns Plastic Surgery; I Am Queen ImminentPlus: Would you tell someone if they had (gasp) lipstick on their teeth? Also, it’s now cool to stick stuff on your face.