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  1. no thanks mark
    Facebook Once Again Gives Us Something No One Asked ForYesterday, the corporation announced it would be rebranding as Meta.
  2. technical difficulties
    So Facebook and Instagram Are Still Down?May we suggest … going outside?
  3. everything is fine!
    Oh Good, Lawmakers Are Finally Cracking Down on FinstasAnd they definitely know what that means.
  4. no!
    Instagram Knows Just How Damaging It Is for Teen GirlsA Facebook whistleblower has come forward about the company’s alleged attitude toward safety improvements on its platforms.
  5. niche drama
    This Is the Best Drama on the Internet Right NowMembers of a 331,000-person Crock-Pot Facebook group are in trouble for calling one another’s roasts ugly.
  6. power
    Why Are Celebrities Boycotting Instagram?Kim Kardashian, among others, won’t be posting for a full day.
  7. zuck
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Devotion to Gray T-Shirts Is AlarmingThe Facebook CEO reportedly has staff blow-dry his armpits before speeches.
  8. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Vin Diesel’s Odd Dance to Katy PerryThe actor’s weird 2014 video shows he was actually way ahead of the curve on social media.
  9. wellness
    Watch AOC Grill Mark Zuckerberg to Feel Hydrated and HealthyEnjoy AOC grilling Mark Zuckerberg and have a blessed, peaceful day.
  10. crime
    Hospital Bills $300K to Family of Woman Whose Baby Was Cut Out of HerAfter a pregnant teen was murdered by a woman who cut her baby out of her womb, the hospital is billing the victim’s family thousands of dollars.
  11. aliens
    This Area 51 Thing Is Getting Out of HandMillions of people have now responded to the Facebook event, prompting a response from the Air Force.
  12. the truth is out there
    Nearly Half a Million People Plan Ambush of Area 51They demand to “see them aliens.”
  13. immigration
    This Secret Facebook Group for Border Patrol Officials Is Absolutely HorrifyingMembers made fun of dead migrants and posted sexually violent jokes about Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, according to a new report.
  14. profile
    Jada Pinkett Smith Might Be the Best Reason to Keep Your Facebook AccountThe movie star is carving her own lane with Red Table Talk.
  15. hate speech
    Facebook Announced Ban on Far-Right Extremists Before Actually Banning ThemFacebook and Instagram banned Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos, among a list of other extremists.
  16. crime
    Las Vegas Man Extorted Sexually Explicit Images From 500 Girls, Prosecutors SayThis crime is a classic example of “sextortion.”
  17. huda boss
    Talking to the Sisters Behind One of Instagram’s Biggest Beauty AccountsHuda and Mona Kattan on Botox, face masks, and their sibling relationship.
  18. oh yes who’s a good little suit boy
    Who’s This Little Sweetie in a Big-Boy Suit?Is this big boy Mark Zuckerberg? Oh, is that who it is?
  19. work
    Facebook and Google Employees Can Ask Each Other Out Once, But Only OnceAnd “I’m busy,” counts as a no.
  20. campaigns
    GOP Senate Candidate Posts Deranged Screed on Women’s RightsCourtland Sykes says he doesn’t want his future daughters “to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils.”
  21. koala life
    Instagram Wants to Stop Wild Animal SelfiesThe company is cracking down on pictures with captive animals.
  22. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Facebook War Over Dunkin’ Donuts Hot CupsThere aren’t a lot of things right now that work just the way they’re supposed to work, but the Hot Cup does.
  23. Why I Haven’t Said #MeTooI didn’t have a choice then, but I have one now.
  24. tech
    Rape Threat Sent to Journalist Used As Instagram AdNot a good look.
  25. Everything We Know So Far About How Facebook Affects Your HappinessIt’s a mixed bag.
  26. Facebook Backtracks After Deleting the Page of an Abortion-Pill OrganizationFacebook says it banned Women on Web “in error.”
  27. niche drama
    The Paris Climate Agreement Is Tearing the Tiffany’s Facebook Community ApartNiche drama alert.
  28. richard simmons
    Richard Simmons Writes Post-Hospitalization Facebook UpdateSimmons thanked the nurses and doctors who took care of him, and the officer who helped him home.
  29. Soon You Can Book Appointments at Your Favorite Salons Through InstagramNo more waiting on the phone.
  30. This Woman Is Going to Jail for Framing Her Ex With a Fake Facebook ProfileWho among us?
  31. Here’s Why Comparing Yourself to Your Facebook Friends Can Make You DepressedFacebook-stalking can be bad for your mental health.
  32. Yes, Quitting Facebook May Make You HappierIn case you needed more evidence, here’s a study.
  33. social contagion
    Please, Tell All Your Friends That You’re VotingBecause democracy really is contagious.
  34. friendship
    A Small But Deeply Sad Detail in That New Study on Facebook and Friendship“Public-health interventions urging people to go out and try to make more friends may have no effect on health.”
  35. srsly?
    Facebook Removes Animated Breast-Cancer Video for Being OffensiveThe nipple is still not free.
  36. Should We Believe That Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Can Cure Disease?This isn’t the first time Zuckerberg has launched a big, attention-getting effort to solve a complicated problem.
  37. justice
    A Woman Is Suing Her Parents for Posting Embarrassing Childhood Photos Online“They knew no shame and no limit.”
  38. revenge porn
    A 14-Year-Old Girl Is Suing Facebook for Hosting Naked Photos of HerHer lawyer compared allowing the photo to be published to child abuse.
  39. announcement
    Join the Cut’s Facebook Page About ParentingA new home for real talk.
  40. technology
    How Cat People Differ From Dog People on FacebookIt’s complicated.
  41. There’s a Scientific Reason Facebook Couples Post Nauseating Status UpdatesScience to the rescue again.
  42. online harrassment
    Man Faces 3 Years in Jail for Threatening a Woman on FacebookThis could be a major win for those pushing to see greater regulation of online harassment. 
  43. revenge
    Facebook Bans Woman for her Response to Dick PicAfter a screenshot she posted of her brilliant response to an unsolicited dick pic went viral.
  44. unwifeable
    9 New Relationship Rules for the Online-ObsessedA playbook for saving us from our 2016 selves.
  45. but we’re both equally annoying
    If You Want a Woman’s Real Opinion, Check Her FacebookA new study found women are just as assertive on social media as men.
  46. facebook and motherhood
    Moms Who Post on Facebook a Lot Are More DepressedA new study finds that searching for validation on Facebook is a warning sign.
  47. women at work
    Facebook’s Trending-News Team Was Plagued by Rampant Sexism, Says Former WorkerA former worker calls it the most “toxic experience” of her life.
  48. Here’s a Dismal Reflection on What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Silicon ValleyIt’s not great!
  49. office hours
    Facebook Is Coming to Your Office. It’s Even Worse Than You Can Imagine.A rose by any other name still smells like Facebook.
  50. the death of discussion
    Guess What Ruined the Only Smart Parenting Group on FacebookIt wasn’t the “mommy wars.” 
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