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  1. There’s a Scientific Reason Facebook Couples Post Nauseating Status UpdatesScience to the rescue again.
  2. online harrassment
    Man Faces 3 Years in Jail for Threatening a Woman on FacebookThis could be a major win for those pushing to see greater regulation of online harassment. 
  3. revenge
    Facebook Bans Woman for her Response to Dick PicAfter a screenshot she posted of her brilliant response to an unsolicited dick pic went viral.
  4. unwifeable
    9 New Relationship Rules for the Online-ObsessedA playbook for saving us from our 2016 selves.
  5. but we’re both equally annoying
    If You Want a Woman’s Real Opinion, Check Her FacebookA new study found women are just as assertive on social media as men.
  6. facebook and motherhood
    Moms Who Post on Facebook a Lot Are More DepressedA new study finds that searching for validation on Facebook is a warning sign.
  7. women at work
    Facebook’s Trending-News Team Was Plagued by Rampant Sexism, Says Former WorkerA former worker calls it the most “toxic experience” of her life.
  8. Here’s a Dismal Reflection on What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Silicon ValleyIt’s not great!
  9. office hours
    Facebook Is Coming to Your Office. It’s Even Worse Than You Can Imagine.A rose by any other name still smells like Facebook.
  10. the death of discussion
    Guess What Ruined the Only Smart Parenting Group on FacebookIt wasn’t the “mommy wars.” 
  11. love and war
    Facebook Parents Are Very Threatened by This Baby BouncerRock and roll and freak the hell out.
  12. badvertising
    Find Out What a Giant Loser Facebook Thinks You AreFacebook is keeping tabs on your dorky interests.
  13. memories
    The Unexpected Charm of Facebook MemoriesIt’s a little wave hello from your past self.
  14. helpful tools
    Facebook Will Help Us Stop Stalking Our ExesThey know we are weak. They want to give us strength.
  15. Rose McGowan Slams Caitlyn Jenner, Then Apologizes, Sort Of“Woman of the year? Not by a fucking shot,” she wrote.
  16. tips
    Here Are Some Tips for Cool-Dad Barack Obama on How to Use His Facebook PageDon’t mess this up, bud.
  17. quotables
    Eva Chen on Instagram Style vs. Condé Nast Style“I have not worn a Utilikilt or a hoodie yet.”
  18. do i have boobs now?
    Free the Nipple: Woman Asks Facebook ‘Do I Have Boobs Now?’How much longer will we live in this cage?
  19. ayo technology
    Your Guide to the New Facebook Response ButtonsFinally, we don’t have to “Like” everything.
  20. women in the workplace
    Hillary Clinton Knows What It Takes for You to Get Ready in the MorningThe presidential hopeful is no stranger to the “aesthetic tax” on women.
  21. college
    Fraternity Whistle-blower Is Suing Penn StateHe says the university failed to take action after he exposed the Facebook group where frat members shared naked pictures.
  22. in memoriam
    Sheryl Sandberg Shares What She’s Learned After Her Husband’s Death“I gained a more profound understanding of what it is to be a mother,” she wrote in a Facebook post today. 
  23. college
    Penn State Bans Frat That Posted Naked Pictures of Women on FacebookThe university has withdrawn recognition of its chapter of Kappa Delta Rho for the next three years.
  24. dating apps
    How Many Degrees of Separation Are Best for a Good Date?Friends of friends of friends, says the dating app Hinge.
  25. facebook
    The Problems With Facebook’s Polarization StudyResearch that fails to pop the filter bubble.
  26. Clique-Stalking: Instagram’s Greatest Social PleasureThe fascination with our friends’ friends.
  27. parenthood
    Parents of Teens Are Keeping Close Watch on Their Kids’ Social-Media AccountsMom and Dad are reading their teens’ tweets. 
  28. happiness
    Here’s an Explanation for the Connection Between Facebook and UnhappinessAnd yes, it does have to do with your friend’s awesome vacation photos.
  29. facebook
    Facebook’s New Suicide-Prevention Features Are a Good StartAn attempt to use internet mobs for good rather than evil.
  30. annals of athleisure
    Lululemon Has a 1,000 Percent Resale Markup There’s gold in them thar leggings.
  31. our selfies ourselves
    A Top Casting Director on How Instagram Has Changed the Modeling Game“It’s very hard to discover raw talent on the street anymore.”
  32. facebook
    If You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook, People Will Like You LessAnd a bunch of other findings about Facebook, all pulled together in one place.
  33. tech
    Social Media Reduces Stress for Women, But Not MenLadies seem to be better at putting Facebook and Twitter to their most psychologically healthy uses.
  34. facebook
    Facebook ‘Likes’ Can Predict Users’ Personalities. Should We Be Worried?Sussing personality out from an endless ocean of “likes.”
  35. social psychology
    Men Who Post Selfies Are More NarcissisticSome scientific evidence for that feeling you get every time you look at your news feed.
  36. personality
    Here Are the Things Introverts Say on FacebookIntrovert. Computer. Read.
  37. faux pas
    Facebook Is Littered With Ads for Fake Luxury GoodsDon’t click on those Ray-Bans.
  38. casual sexism
    Zuckerberg Explains His Gray T-Shirts, Sounds Pretty SexistHe puts his pants on one leg at a time, too; he just doesn’t care about which style.
  39. on ice
    If You Cover Egg Freezing, You Better Cover Day CareNew perks from Apple and Facebook won’t solve work-life balance problems alone.
  40. egged on
    Facebook and Apple Will Pay for Employees’ Egg FreezingIs this eggs-cellent news?
  41. facebook
    A Bad Mood Changes the Way You Use Social MediaIt’s kind of mean.
  42. gender
    People Use ‘I’ and ‘Me’ Less As They Get Older, Says a New Facebook StudyBut why?
  43. relationships
    We Use Facebook to Keep Tabs on Our ‘Back Burners’Even people in relationships do it. 
  44. facebook
    Facebook Posts Reflect Relationship InsecurityScore one for the Facebook cynics.
  45. tech
    Use This 1 Word If You Want More People to See Your Facebook PostsSorry, no hints.
  46. tech
    A Pew Report Shows How Facebook and Twitter Limit Political DebateIf we want smart political debate, we may need a new platform or two.
  47. Why Facebook’s ‘Satire’ Tag Is NecessaryPeople are pretty great at missing the joke.
  48. unplugging
    Do You Hate Facebook, or Do You Hate Your Life?I thought I was allergic to the internet. Actually, I was just sad.
  49. Don’t Blame Facebook for Wasting Your Free TimeA social media break might not do what you think it’ll do. 
  50. Keep Treating Us Like Lab Rats, Facebook!Our online foibles are revealing some interesting things.
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