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  1. beauty for one
    How to Give Yourself a Nice Little Facial at HomeWith guidance from an expert.
  2. oddly satisfying beauty
    This Threading Facial Made My Face Feel Like CashmereSo incredibly soft.
  3. why is your skin so good
    How This Beauty CEO Gets Her Skin So GoodRachel Liverman’s straightforward routine.
  4. skin deep
    Can Lady Gaga’s Facialist Help Me Sing Better?Joomee Song has a special technique.
  5. beauty
    Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett’s Skin-Care Secret Is Penis FacialsThis facial is nuts, literally.
  6. skin deep
    Asia’s Favorite ‘Miracle Water’ Is Getting a MakeoverThe new look is inspired by the Chinese New Year.
  7. lab rat
    Will This Vanishing Mask Reverse Your Terrible Skin Habits?An oxygen facial in a bottle.
  8. lab rat
    The Best Way to Avoid Any Post-Gym BreakoutsA fancy facial inside of a little pad.