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  1. fact check
    Actually Gisele Loves FootballShe says she did not make Tom Brady choose between her and his other spouse, quarterbacking.
  2. fact check
    The Queen Loved Her Big Singing BassOne thing The Crown got right.
  3. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    Why Does TikTok Want Me to Use My Vagina for Perfume?It’s called “vabbing,” obviously.
  4. fact check
    How Accurate Is Spencer?What we know about the real-life events that inspired the latest Princess Diana movie.
  5. fact check
    Confirmed: Nicki Minaj Not a Reliable Source of Medical InfoGlobal health authorities are fact-checking her misleading claims about the COVID vaccine.
  6. politics
    Trump Supporter Says Trump Is Too ‘Handsome’ to Grope WomenWayne Allyn Root’s defense of Trump is even worse than the Trump campaign’s.
  7. kristen stewart
    I Do Not Believe This Picture of Kristen Stewart Crying Is From YesterdayWhen was this photo of “a teary-eyed Kristen Stewart” really taken?