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Fad Diets

  1. science of us
    What Exactly Is the Keto Diet, and Is It Safe?All about the trendy high-fat, low-carb eating plan.
  2. fad diets
    Everything You Need to Know About Whole30, the Diet Taking Over Your InstagramIt’s extremely restrictive and not good for long-term weight loss.
  3. This Report About a Girl and Her 9-Pound Hair Ball Is TerrifyingUpsetting.
  4. diets
    Which Celebrity Diet Is the Most Visually Pleasing?Kate Moss’s is just a party. 
  5. wonder soup
    Macarons for All: Introducing the Marie Antoinette DietIntroducing “wonder soup.” 
  6. loony moony dieting
    Madonna and Demi Moore Diet Like WerewolvesHowl (and diet) at the moon.
  7. diet creation myths
    Are Master Cleanses Part of God’s Master Plan?There is a difference between godly and ungodly dieting.
  8. diet lies
    Shocking: Your Paleo Diet Is Probably InaccurateCrossFitters, take note: Here’s how to really do the diet correctly. 
  9. fad diets
    Eternal, Miserable Youth: A Raw Food Entrepreneur’s Daily ScheduleA raw food entrepreneur shares her daily diet.
  10. Screw Weight Watchers, Try the Instagram DietYour food photography makes food taste bad.
  11. fad diets
    Team Grub Sheds Light on the Lady Paleo Tribe“A woman on this diet plan is the anti-Gwyneth.”
  12. fad diets
    Some Paleo Diets Are Better Than OthersBut they’re all nonsense, says Scientific American.
  13. cut guides
    Ways to Deal With Friends on The New ‘Fast Diet’Every fad diet demands a social game plan.
  14. shams
    Are ‘Office Cleanses’ Just Workplace-Enforced Anorexia?The Cut investigates.
  15. grumpy brides
    Brides Resort to Tube-Feeding to Lose Weight Before Their WeddingsWhat’s more, the tube goes in your nose.