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Faking It

  1. mostess week
    One Dress, Four Summer PartiesMaximize your wardrobe.
  2. faking it
    How to Fake a Juice CleanseNo cayenne pepper required.
  3. faking it
    So You Ordered Takeout. Serve It in Style.It’s all in the presentation.
  4. mostess
    How to Dress for Your Own PartyEight chic and easy holiday looks.
  5. advice
    The Best Ways to Fake a Clean HouseHow to make your home look presentable in under an hour.
  6. copy cats
    The Museum at FIT’s New Exhibit Is All About KnockoffsWith its new show “Faking It,” the Museum at FIT explores the history of counterfeits. 
  7. friendship
    Eye Boogers and Ass Slaps: The Gross Side of Female FriendshipsTwo shows offer a novel perspective.
  8. faking it
    Mindy Kaling, Pretending to Be on Tinder to Promote Her ShowOnline dating profiles, good for so many things other than dating.
  9. The City Most Likely to Fake Happiness on InstagramOkay, everyone, smile. Smile like you don’t hate each other.
  10. faking it
    Flash Mob Does When Harry Met Sally and Fakes Orgasms Over SandwichesFlash mobs: Can I interest you in the afternoon off?
  11. torture typing
    Ashley Madison Sued by Profile FakerShe was asked to create 1,000 “fake female profiles” in 3 weeks.
  12. faking it
    How to Get Lashes Like Beyoncé’s in Fifteen MinutesIt’s all mink, baby.
  13. faking it
    Michelle Obama’s Arms Spark Liposuction TrendThe “upper arm-lift” has increased 4,378 percent in the past few years.
  14. brief histories
    Every Advice Columnist Ever on Faking OrgasmsAn incomplete history of a perennial dilemma.
  15. faking it
    Can Spray-Tanning Give Me Gwyneth Paltrow Abs?Test-driving spring’s crop tops with some much-needed help from celebrity spray tanner Sophie Evans.
  16. faking it
    I Got Lash Extensions: How Obvious Do They Look?My boss and boyfriend noticed them, but my mom didn’t.
  17. faking it
    How to Fake a Fresh-From-Vacation Makeup Look Red lipstick has no place here.
  18. faking it
    Los Angelenos Denied 20,000 Pairs of Fake LouboutinsIf a lot of customs officials start wearing red-soled shoes to work, you’ll know why.
  19. faking it
    Lady Gaga Bought Fake Designer Merch During Her Trip to Tokyo Last MonthAnd she’s PROUD of it.