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Fall Fashion Issue 2015

  1. trends
    22 Big Ideas for a Fashionable FallWe put the season’s trends – Victorian velvet, Gothic creepers, power suits – on the women most likely to wear them.
  2. process
    What Goes Into Creating an ‘It’ Bag?Reconstructing Loewe’s puzzle.
  3. profile
    Lucky Blue Smith Is the Most In-Demand Young Male Mormon Model on EarthThey call him “Little Fresh Meat” in China. (It’s very much a compliment.)
  4. profile
    The CEO Selling Clothes That Speak InternetErin Yogasundram’s teenage buyers think she’s totally bae AF.
  5. feature
    The World Is Not Enough for Net-a-PorterA company that defined luxury e-commerce is now merging with its mass-market competitor.
  6. portfolio
    The 7 Ages of Woman: A Fractured Fable of Femininity and MotherhoodA dark and beautiful exploration, based on a 16th-century painting by Hans Baldung.
  7. profile
    Serena Williams Still Has Tennis History to MakeThe best women’s tennis player in the world is breezing through one of the best seasons of her life.
  8. look book
    The ‘85-Year-Old Wonder’ in Purposefully Mismatched Socks“I’m always at the theater, the ballet, the opera, the movies. Last year, I saw 1,049 movies. But I don’t like computers. … Nancy Sinatra has been saying that I have to get on email. ”