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False Advertising

  1. false advertising
    Melania Trump Threatens to Sue Over Billboards Advertising Her English SkillsThe Croatian company that used the First Lady’s picture to advertise its English classes was forced to take its ads down.
  2. sell-ulite
    Women Sue Lingerie Company Over CelluliteMaidenform’s caffeine-infused underwear didn’t have the promised effects.
  3. zomg shoes
    People Get Money for Believing in Toning ShoesCongrats!
  4. false advertising
    Skechers Will Pay $40 Million for False Claims About ‘Toning’ ShoesCustomers who bought the shoes are entitled to refunds.
  5. resetting the tone
    Reebok Plans to Bring Their ‘Toning Shoes’ BackThey’re not going to let little things like FTC settlements get in the way.
  6. false advertising
    Reebok Forced to Refund Customers for ‘Toning Shoes’ That Don’t Work [Updated]Those EasyTone shoes do not, in fact, reduce the size of your butt.