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Fantastic Man

  1. printed matter
    12 Coffee-Table Books That Make Great GiftsFrom Studio 54 Polaroids to Prada and Valentino.
  2. gallery
    Our 10 Favorite Men from Fantastic ManDavid Beckham, Spike Jonze, and other portraits from the title that changed men’s magazines — and fashion. 
  3. q&a
    The Man of Tomorrow Will Wear LipstickA Q&A with Jop van Bennekom of Fantastic Man.
  4. things that are printed on paper
    An A-Z Guide to Indie Fashion Magazines Who they’re for, what they cover, and why you should read them.
  5. loose threads
    Fantastic Man Shoots Plus-Size Dudes; Lacoste Denies Malandrino RumorsAlso, two iconic Alexander McQueen dresses will go up for auction.
  6. fantasticness
    Fantastic Man’s Lady Version to Hit Stands SoonIt’s about women who are — wait for it — fantastic.
  7. bad titles
    Fantastic Man to Spawn GentlewomanThe name is weird, but this is still exciting!
  8. cult of personality
    Tom Ford Wants a Kid, Doesn’t Miss GucciFantastic Man magazine boasts Tom Ford as its current cover model — we’ve always thought Ford was pretty fantastic, but he also gives great interview.