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  1. Why Does Sean Spicer Pose Like an Indie Fashion Blogger?It’s uncanny.
  2. susie bubble
    Susie Bubble’s Missing Boyfriend Has Been FoundThe eight months pregnant blogger posted news of his disappearance on Tuesday.
  3. not good
    Who Hacked Muslim Fashion Bloggers’ Instagrams?Disturbing.
  4. look book
    The Fashion Blogger Who Started As a Model“I knew I wouldn’t be a model forever, but I thought, I don’t know, maybe I’d be an accountant or something.”
  5. street comber
    How to Upgrade Your Coat With a Single PieceBelt it up.
  6. street comber
    16 Ways to Wear a Cozy Blanket Scarf This FallChicer than a Snuggie.
  7. jigs that are up
    Seriously, Stop Pretending You Ate That The creators of @youdidnoteatthat know your game.
  8. social fashion
    The Photographer Is My BoyfriendFashion bloggers often employ their boyfriends as their photographers. So what happens when they break up?
  9. social fashion
    The Golden Era of ‘Fashion Blogging’ Is OverHas the moment for new fashion bloggers to gain entry to the club passed?
  10. ch-ch-ch-changes
    Will Nixing ‘Fashion Bloggers’ Fix Fashion Week? Or are IMG’s new changes just snobbery masquerading as efficiency?