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  1. fashion goddesses
    Penn, Avedon Muse: ‘Working As a Model Is a Scheme’Benedetta Barzini on modeling in the sixties, her friends Warhol and Dalí, and becoming a feminist in Document Journal’s second issue.
  2. fashion goddesses
    Grace Coddington and Jimmy Fallon First Met Over a ‘Giant Pastrami Sandwich’The Vogue creative director visited Late Night.
  3. saving grace coddington
    Seven Things Grace Coddington Learned in Media Training1. Say nice things about Anna.
  4. fashion goddesses
    Grace Coddington Gets a Haircut, Resumes ModelingFor the cover of i-D’s “Wise Up” issue.
  5. fashion goddesses
    Playing Diana Vreeland’s ‘Why Don’t You’ GameWith Brooke Shields, Stefano Tonchi, Gabe Saporta, and more.
  6. Michelle Harper’s Fashion FantasyThe street style muse describes her life away from the cameras.
  7. fashion goddesses
    Louis Vuitton Looked to Anna Piaggi for Its Last Collection“There was one specific image of Anna from the book Checkered Past that Marc [Jacobs] and I referred to.”
  8. r.i.p.
    Slideshow: A Tribute to Anna Piaggi’s Inimitable StyleShe brought the same sense of thoughtful collage to her wardrobe as she did to her double pages in Vogue Italia.
  9. r.i.p.
    Anna Piaggi Dead at 81 [Updated]She was known for her double-page spreads in Vogue Italia, as well as her vibrant wardrobe.
  10. fashion goddesses
    Anna Dello Russo Packs HeatAthletic heat patches, that is.
  11. fashion goddesses
    Supermodel Nostalgia: Carol Alt and Pat Cleveland Remember the (Good?) Old DaysThe models reminisced at last night’s screening of About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now.
  12. fashion goddesses
    Robin Givhan: ‘Fashion … Is Still Seen As This Kind of Women’s Concern’She sat down for StyleBlazer’s “How I Made It” series.
  13. carine!
    Carine Roitfeld Employs GIFs, Graveyards for CR Fashion BookAlso, she’ll celebrate her debut issue with a party during New York Fashion Week.
  14. fashion goddesses
    Vivienne Westwood Wishes Designers Would Get Their Hems in Order“I think I’ve had an incredible influence, for the worst.”
  15. fashion goddesses
    Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness’s AuctionOne might have been an Alexander McQueen dress for £85,250.
  16. fashion goddesses
    Iris Apfel and Tavi Gevinson Talk Turbans, Taste, and BathrobesThe two women discussed the definition of “contemporary chic” at the Metropolitan Museum.
  17. fashion goddesses
    Daphne Guinness Looks Uncomfortable Even While NappingBut impressive, nonetheless.
  18. fashion goddesses
    Anna Dello Russo Should Always Keep That Watermelon Strapped to Her HeadShe “was almost fashion roadkill” in Paris yesterday.
  19. fashion goddesses
    Lauren Hutton Chopped Her Hair Off Herself“I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a pair of poultry shears.”
  20. fashion goddesses
    Daphne Guinness’s Size-37 McQueen Shoes Could Soon Be YoursHer Christie’s auction catalogue is now available for your drooling pleasure.
  21. fashion goddesses
    Iman Proved That Black Women Do Indeed Buy Liquid FoundationDespite retailers telling her otherwise.
  22. fashion goddesses
    Iris Apfel Scheduled to Say More Fascinating Things at Sotheby’s Next WeekWith Veranda editor Dara Caponigro.
  23. daphne guinness
    Watch Daphne Guinness Sing ‘White Rabbit’Of the experience: “It really was pretty insane, I am used to classical!”
  24. first looks
    First Looks: Anna Dello Russo Designs Accessories for H&MThey’re just as delightfully gaudy as you’d expect.
  25. fashion goddesses
    Iris Apfel on Her Jimmy Choo ShoesAnd — because you’ve always wanted to know! — what she eats for breakfast.
  26. fashion goddesses
    Daphne Guinness’s Clothes Could Fetch $160,000 at AuctionSomething is priced below $500, for all of you bidders.
  27. fashion goddesses
    Stella McCartney Used to Be ‘Quite F*ck You’“It probably looks great on paper, the fact that I was angry.”
  28. fashion goddesses
    What’s the First Thing Iris Apfel Thinks About When She Gets Up in the Morning?Not her outfit.
  29. fashion goddesses
    Daphne Guinness Will Auction Off Her Clothes at Christie’sDon’t worry, just 100 items.
  30. fashion goddesses
    Giovanna Battaglia Breaks a Hat, Clubs With ADRShe also had to work extra hard to prove herself because she’s pretty.
  31. fashion goddesses
    Stella McCartney Has an Awkward Moment With Tom FordIn Cathy Horyn’s New York Times Magazine profile.
  32. fashion goddesses
    Joan Rivers: ‘Anyone Who Takes Fashion Seriously Is a Fool’“You’re going to look like an idiot. So what?”
  33. r.i.p.
    Legendary Fashion Photographer Lillian Bassman DiedHer photographs presented “a woman’s point of view about other women.”
  34. fashion goddesses
    Emmanuelle Alt Just Loves George Michael That French Vogue video was her “dream come true.”
  35. fashion goddesses
    Emmanuelle Alt Dances, Lip Syncs for French Vogue’s Website RedesignIn white high-tops.
  36. cover girls
    Exclusive First Look: Anjelica Huston’s Gorgeous WSJ. CoverThe original Halstonette, in all her glory.
  37. fashion goddesses
    Video: Diane Von Furstenberg Talks About New York From Her Tiger-Print CouchAs captured by Marc Jacobs documentarian Loic Prigent.
  38. dresses that belong in museums
    Audrey Hepburn’s Oscar Dress Expected to Fetch Over $64,000 at AuctionIt’s being auctioned off by the same folks who sold Kate Middleton’s infamous sheer dress.
  39. fashion goddesses
    First Look: See Rose Hartman’s Photos of Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, Bethann Hardison, and More From F.I.T.’s Retrospective ExhibitA selection of the photographer’s works will be exhibited at F.I.T.
  40. fashion goddesses
    Watch Iman Try to Put a Bracelet on Chelsea HandlerIt didn’t go well.
  41. fashion goddesses
    Iris Apfel Will Sell Pieces From Her Jewelry Collection Because She ‘Could Use a Few Shekels’Also, they take up a lot of space in her apartment.
  42. fashion goddesses
    No Designer Has Ever Given Daphne Guinness a Piece of ClothingHer whole wardrobe’s been bought and paid for.
  43. fashion goddesses
    Daphne Guinness Is Writing a Book, Says She’ll Eat When She’s DeadThe ‘New Yorker’ offers a deft analysis of the fiercely independent dresser’s penchant for the world’s most uncomfortable clothes.
  44. fashion goddesses
    Daphne Guinness to Do a MAC CollectionIt’ll hit stores on December 26.
  45. fashion goddesses
    Anna Dello Russo Thinks Kate Middleton’s Nude Panty Hose Are ‘Avant Garde’“When she was wearing fleshy nude stockings, that’s kind of old fashioned, but on her, with a yellow dress, it was looking so avant garde.”
  46. fashion goddesses
    Daphne Guinness Thinks She Is ‘Completely Normal’She also sketches bugs while listening to a metronome.
  47. fashion goddesses
    Video: Getting Dressed for the Met Ball With ImanShe tells us all about her rock-and-roll look and how to create a perfect red-carpet moment.
  48. fashion goddesses
    Daphne Guinness Will Not Get Naked When She Dresses for the Met Ball in the Barneys Windows“I’m going to be getting dressed behind something. I’m not Dita Von Teese, nor shall I be.”
  49. fashion goddesses
    Anna Dello Russo Wears Abercrombie at Home?!Tommy Ton totally blew up her spot.
  50. fashion goddesses
    Diane Von Furstenberg: ‘In the End, All Women Are the Same’Also: what she thinks about Kate Middleton, and more bad things about plastic surgery.
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