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Fashion Goddesses

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    Anna Dello Russo Suggests Lighting a Candle and Dancing Around Naked Before Getting DressedThis explains something about her.
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    Anna Dello Russo Will Be on CNN TomorrowShe just tweeted about the interview.
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    Anna Dello Russo Is Doing a Musical Project That Has Something to Do With Body LanguageShe is called the Lady Gaga of fashion, so it’s about time.
  4. Joan and Melissa Rivers on the State of Red-Carpet Fashion, Living Together, and Kate MiddletonThe mother-daughter duo are this week’s Tastemakers!
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    Daphne Guinness Is Making Costumes for a Film She’s InShe prefers to let other people do the sewing.
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    Guess Who Anna Dello Russo’s Style Icon Is?A fellow European ‘Vogue’ editor.
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    Anna Dello Russo T-Shirts Sold Out in a Day on Yoox.comIt’s too bad, because they were kind of great.
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    Iman and Michael Kors Remember an Age When Models Were Encouraged to Have OpinionsYes, this is how things used to be.
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    Grace Jones Performed at Paris Fashion WeekHer only outfit request: bare legs.
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    Marc Jacobs’s Stylist Venetia Scott Explains How Advertisers Can Ruin Her Work“The power of advertising is that if you don’t do it in the way that they want you to shoot it then the magazines become scared that they’ll lose the cash.”
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    Vera Wang: ‘I’m Doing a TV Show’Is Bravo onboard?
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    Miuccia Prada: Disco Queen?She went to Greenhouse on Sunday night!
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    Video: Vivienne Westwood Suggests Wearing Curtains and Towels Instead of Buying New ClothesAlso, steal your boyfriend’s clothes.
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    CNN Is Doing a Piece on Carine RoitfeldThey’re following her at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.
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    Vivienne Westwood Wants to Write the Next Sex and the City MovieCelebrities design clothes. Why can’t she write scripts?
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    How ‘Vogue’ Editors Dress for European ShowsAnna, André, Carine, and more!
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    The Tale of Anna Wintour and a Possible Freudian SlipAt a party in Russia, Russian ‘Vogue’ editor Aliona Doletskaya was introduced as the next editor of American ‘Vogue.’
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    Vivienne Westwood Still Trying to Save Rain ForestsAnd God bless her for it.