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Fashion Star

  1. ins and outs
    Jessica Simpson’s Fashion Star Canceled by NBCR.I.P., latest Project Runway offshoot.
  2. style evolution
    Fug Girls: The Fashion (and Star) History of Nicole RichieShe’s come a long way since her days on the farm.
  3. disaster strikes
    Fashion Star Resumes ProductionThe workers’ strike is over.
  4. reality tv strikes
    Union Strike Halts Production on Fashion StarWhat a shame.
  5. loose threads
    Vogue Hired Another Underage ModelPlus, Karlie Kloss admits she wasn’t always perfect.
  6. slash jobs
    Louise Roe Is Your New Fashion Star HostShe replaces Elle Macpherson.
  7. collaboration station
    Nicole Richie Is Deeply Intimate With the ‘Macy’s Woman’See her full collection for Macy’s Impulse, hitting stores in September.
  8. slash jobs
    Host Elle Macpherson, H&M Out at Fashion StarMacpherson will remain one of the show’s executive producers, though.
  9. slash jobs
    Fashion Star to Return for a Second SeasonCue the fireworks.
  10. loose threads
    Alaïa Is Designing for Mariah Carey; Who What Wear ExpandsPlus Tyra went to Disneyland! With Drake.
  11. things that require explanations
    Fashion Star Explained, Five Weeks InThis would have been nice from the outset.
  12. fashion star
    Fashion Star’s Ratings Went UpSay what?
  13. fashion star
    Will You Give Fashion Star a Second Shot?And not just for the pyrotechnics, that is.
  14. quotables
    John Varvatos on Fashion Star Fame: ‘I Still Wonder What It Means’You could say the same about the show itself.
  15. fashion star
    Fashion Star Harder to Parse Than a NovelSeriously, it’s confusing.
  16. celebrities who design
    Jessica Simpson to Appear on Biggest LoserTo give free clothes to contestants.
  17. pregnant celebrities who design
    Jessica Simpson Is Indeed Pregnant“Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care.”