2023: Year in Review

The trends, celebs, and moments that defined style this year.

year in review

The 8 Most-Hyped Makeup Trends of 2023

From “strawberry makeup” to “cloud skin,” the internet’s imagination ran wild this year.

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  1. year in review
    8 Buzzy Skin-Care Trends From 2023 That Are Worth the HypeFrom human growth factors to moisture-barrier repair, we uncovered the year’s most popular ways to perfect and protect your skin.
  2. year in review
    The Year of Commuter-coreBring on the cargo pants.
  3. year in review
    The Year Celeb Meal Deals Got WeirdFrom Cardi B and Offset’s date-night dinner at McDonald’s to the Reneé Rapp bowl at Sweetgreen.
  4. year in review
    The Year Fashion Was RobbedFrom the Balmain runway to the mean streets of Tinder, brazen couture heists dominated 2023.
  5. year in review
    Time Traveling With J.Crew’s Olympia GayotHer mind, like her office, is flooded with old things.
  6. year in review
    The Year That Couldn’t Break Megan Thee StallionIf her 2023 career highlights are any indication, Meg will suffer no fools next year.
  7. year in review
    The Year Everyone Started Dressing Like Julia FoxDresses are more sheer than ever before, exposed G-strings are even tinier, and the bare nipple has long since been liberated.
  8. year in review
    All the Vintage Handbags That Made a Comeback in 2023Y2K’s most popular styles came back for a second look.
  9. fashion
    Grace Wales Bonner Gives Us a Tour of Her MoMA ShowThe designer took us through four key pieces that inspire her.
  10. year in review
    The Year in Fashionable Gate-crashersBedbugs, cockroaches, and PETA protesters left no glam event untouched in 2023.
  11. in her shoes podcast
    Cathy Horyn on the Current State of FashionThe Cut’s fashion critic-at-large joined this week’s episode of the In Her Shoes podcast to look back at the year in style.
  12. year in review
    The Year Everyone Became a Fashion CriticHave a hot take? Welcome.
  13. year in review
    A Balenciaga Towel, But Make It … Fashion?Balenciaga’s $925 “towel skirt” is the ultimate troll.
  14. year in review
    Yes, Another Year in Y2K FashionOnly legendary fads make it into the zeitgeist twice
  15. year in review
    The Year in TikTok DramaHorny ice hockey fans, eyelash imposters, DIY feuds — in 2023, there was always something to fight about online.
  16. year in review
    The Year Food-Inspired Beauty Trends Reigned SupremeYou may think you’re wearing regular red blush, but it’s actually called strawberry-girl makeup now.
  17. cfda awards
    All the Best Looks at Last Night’s CFDA AwardsAnd the night’s winners.
  18. chapters
    Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Walked So The Row Could RunA new book about Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s style shows how she is the blueprint for minimalist brands, from Jil Sander to Bottega Veneta.
  19. year in review
    The Year Street Style Got Good AgainPersonal style is alive and well!