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    This Is What Happens When You Let Trump Handle the CateringHe treated White House guests to a lavish spread of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King.
  2. feminism/capitalism
    McDonald’s Is Turning Its M Into a W … for WomenThe arches will be flipped for International Women’s Day.
  3. clean living
    11 Things Goop Should Add to Its Fast-Food GuidePut your jade egg in the hole of a Dunkin’ Donuts doughnut.
  4. celeb diets
    How to Get the Donald Trump BodyIn one easy step!
  5. halo effect
    What ‘No Artificial Ingredients’ Really MeansSugary cereal made without fake colors or flavors is still sugary cereal.
  6. health
    It Looks Like L.A.’s Fast-Food Ban Didn’t WorkAnd there are lots of reasons why it didn’t work.
  7. health
    There’s a Solid Case for Fast-Food-Toy RestrictionsIt’s the toy that’s the big draw for kids, not the food. 
  8. A Lone Report of Effective McDonald’s-Only Diet The exception that broke the scale.
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    Kate Upton and Snoop Lion Lost in Hot PocketsA trifecta of weirdness destined to become a classic.
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    America’s Youngest Female Billionaire Is a Drag-Racing Burger HeiressShe’s a drag-racing burger heiress.
  11. quotables
    Lara Stone Plans a Bawdy British Burger BarShe’ll call the fast-food joint “Lara’s Baps and Buns.”
  12. model tracker
    Kate Upton Stars in New Carls Jr. CommercialShe promotes the chain’s new Southwest Patty Melt.