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Fat Shaming

  1. tv
    Insatiable Creator Says Backlash to Her Show Borders on Censorship“I think we’re in a real danger of censorship if we decide that we all have to tell stories in a certain way so that everybody else feels safe.”
  2. culture
    Netflix Defends Controversial Show Insatiable After Major ‘Fat-Shaming’ BacklashMore than 200,000 people have signed a petition to cancel the show before it even airs.
  3. Rihanna Shuts Down Body-Shamers With Highly Effective Gucci Mane MemeA sports blogger had accused Rihanna of gaining weight.
  4. our casual dysmorphia
    Disturbing Study Looks at the Effectiveness of ThinspoImages of thin people can change how much you eat.
  5. fat-shaming
    This Beauty Queen Dropped Out of a Pageant to Stand Up for Body PositivityMiss Iceland 2015 says the owner of Miss Grand International told her to lose weight.
  6. These Female Senators Are Very Concerned About Donald Trump’s Weight“Campaign stress?”
  7. weighty matters
    First-Graders Learn Core Concepts Like Writing, Counting, and Fat-ShamingElementary school can be rough, man.
  8. the biggest loser
    The Biggest Loser Is Even Worse Than We Thought [Updated]Former contestants dropped bombshells about drug use and so much more.
  9. Tyrannical Trump Already Dictating Oreo DistributionHe told Chris Christie “no more Oreos” at a recent fundraiser.
  10. donald trump is a terrible person
    Ex-Miss Universe: Trump Called Me ‘Miss Piggy’Alicia Machado says Trump brutally fat-shamed her, leading to years of disordered eating.
  11. weighty matters
    Why the Conversation About Obesity Needs to ChangeStruggling to lose weight doesn’t make you a failure.
  12. size matters
    Male Celebrity Now Knows What It’s Like to Be a Female CelebrityWentworth Miller got fat-shamed. 
  13. London Woman Handed Fat-Shaming Card on Train; Can We Abandon Earth Now?Isn’t the world a wonderful place?
  14. obesity
    Let’s All Remember That Fat-Shaming — Which Is Mean — Doesn’t Even WorkPeople who argue in favor of the tactic say it guilts the overweight into eating less. It doesn’t.
  15. ricaprio
    Leo Is Flabbier Than Rihanna’s Usual LoversYou wanna get with Rih, you better listen carefully.
  16. David Beckham Was Fat-Shamed by His Daughter“I don’t like you, you’re so chubby.”
  17. The Photographer Who Captures Fat-Shaming on CameraTalking to Haley Morris-Cafiero about her powerful photographs of strangers reacting to her body.
  18. quotables
    People Won’t Stop Body-Shaming ‘Chubby’ Athlete Athletes don’t always have six-packs.
  19. A Week in the Life of 50 Overweight WomenResearchers investigate weight stigma in everyday life. 
  20. it’s just a leggings company guys
    Lululemon Continues a Corporate Culture of Fat-ShamingThe tabloid continues its work in man fat-shaming.
  21. fat-shaming
    You Can Call a Man Fat But You Can’t Fat-Shame HimLeo proves difficult.
  22. the end of 2013
    32 Major Fashion Moments of 2013Marc Jacobs’ Vuitton finale, Galliano’s comeback, and so much more.
  23. fat-shaming
    Portly Cat Relegated to ‘Chubby Cat Suite’Did you know there are such things?