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  1. science of us
    I Eat Butter StraightAnd other millennial food trends.
  2. if it sounds too good to be true
    Freezing Off Your Fat Could Actually Produce More FatThe treatment only works temporarily in some people.
  3. food fights
    The FDA Is Finally Going to Update the Definition of ‘Healthy’Currently, foods that are low in fat but high in sugar can use it, which, no.
  4. swellness
    Is Your Smoothie Making You Fat?Depends what’s in it.
  5. swellness
    Good Fats Are Good for You, So Pile on the AvocadoMusic to our ears.
  6. food fights
    Kind Bars Got the FDA to Admit the Term ‘Healthy’ Is Basically a JokeOne small win for nuts.
  7. Kind Snacks Would Like to Remind the FDA That Nuts Are, in Fact, HealthyNutritionists agree that plant-based fat is good for us.
  8. first person
    I Gained So Much Weight I Didn’t Recognize MyselfWhat it’s like to go from a size 4 to a size 12 in three months.
  9. diet week
    12 Weird Old Tips for a Flat BellyThe Cut staff shares its secrets.
  10. studies
    30 Things That Are Making You FatBeing alive is a common thread.
  11. fat-shaming
    Portly Cat Relegated to ‘Chubby Cat Suite’Did you know there are such things?
  12. our bodies ourselves
    Every Single Woman in America Is Now ‘Curvy’The big fat lies we use to talk about Hollywood bodies. And our own, too.
  13. gone viral
    The Strange Case of Christina Aguilera’s Fake ‘Fat Girl’ QuotesWhen wishful thinking goes viral.
  14. fat
    Early Reports Suggest Men in France Are Getting FatterWell, no one ever said it was the dudes who were best at avoiding that.