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Father John Misty

  1. gallery
    The Woman Who Gave a Voice to the Stolen Moon Juice Crystal Makes Balloon ArtHer newest installation is currently on display at the New York City Ballet.
  2. musical expression
    Listen to Father John Misty Sing About James Comey’s Firing“Well he had Hillary’s emails / And there was a recipe, recipe for risotto.”
  3. arts & crafts
    Father John Misty Says He Paints His BallsIt’s “like a life hack.”
  4. the moon juice crystal
    Father John Misty Quits Twitter and InstagramAmanda Chantal Bacon’s good crystal vibes have worked in her favor.
  5. the moon juice crystal
    Father John Misty Is Now Selling Moon Juice Crystal EarringsThe petty feud over the stolen Moon Juice crystal continues.
  6. swellness
    The Stolen Moon Juice Crystal Finally Speaks OutShe’s in a better place now.
  7. capers
    This Story Has Everything: Moon Juice, Father John Misty, and a Stolen CrystalBuckle up.
  8. Father John Misty Needed Drugs to Admit He Liked Taylor SwiftStop. Trying. So. Hard.
  9. men getting dressed
    On the Road With Fashionable Father John Misty“I think one button lower, to me, looks more normal than it does to other people.”
  10. scent of a person
    Sweet Smell of Weed: Father John Misty’s PerfumeSanae Barber approaches scent the way most people approach drugs — for the experience.