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Faux Fur

  1. fashion
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Here’s Some Rescue Dogs in Faux FurA cute campaign that will brighten your day.
  2. royals
    The Queen Tepidly Joins the Anti-Fur CauseShe’s the latest person to follow one of fashion’s hottest trends.
  3. do you see this coat?
    This Rent the Runway Coat Is ‘Unnerving’ Men Everywhere“It’s like Sesame Street but make it fashion.”
  4. finer things
    This Pink Faux-Fur Jacket Will Instantly Lift Your MoodIt’s a modern take on the classic mink coat.
  5. extremes
    This Winter, It’s Chic to Look Like a MuppetThe brighter the coat, the better.
  6. treat yourself
    The Faux-Fur Piece to Transform Any OutfitInstant glamour.
  7. lipstick jungle
    7 of the Best Fall Lipsticks Paired with the Best Fall Coats7 lipsticks to wear this fall.
  8. treat yourself
    These Faux-Fur Slippers Are Like a Hug for Your FeetFor when the weather won’t make up its mind.
  9. goodbye forever
    Armani Won’t Use Fur on Its Runways AnymoreThe new policy went into effect at its fall show.
  10. treat yourself
    Treat Yourself Friday: A Botanical Faux-Fur ScarfFlower power.
  11. treat yourself
    Treat Yourself Friday: A High-End Coat for Low-End TemperaturesAs seen on Kate Hudson.
  12. cheap thrill
    Cheap Thrill: Won Hundred’s Vibrant Faux-Fur CoatCookie Lyon and North West would both approve.
  13. furry friends
    20 Chic Faux-Fur Pieces Worthy of Scream QueensBefore the cold has you going, What fresh hell is this?
  14. always shopping
    Winter Doomsday Preppers: This Coat Is for YouWarm, fuzzy, and a street-style hit.
  15. street comber
    13 Ways to Wear a Fuzzy Muppet Coat This WinterSo warm, so shaggy.
  16. best bets
    Best Bet: Navy Drape Cape JacketNavy fleece cuts a strong silhouette as you prepare for spring.