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  1. health
    The FDA May Finally Take Action on Hair RelaxersThe agency reportedly plans to ban straightening products with formaldehyde.
  2. but why though
    Please Don’t Cook TikTok’s ‘Sleepy Chicken’The FDA absolutely does not advise cooking chicken in NyQuil.
  3. public health
    The FDA Just Changed Vape Life for GoodR.I.P. Juul — for now.
  4. health
    The Baby-Formula Shortage Could Ease by Late July44,000 pounds of Nestlé baby formula will arrive this week.
  5. abortion rights
    FDA Green-lights Abortion Pills by MailBut conservative states plan to institute bans, if they haven’t already.
  6. covid-19
    The FDA Has Fully Approved Pfizer’s COVID VaccineExperts hope this will encourage more people to get vaccinated.
  7. rapid test
    At Last, the FDA Has Approved an at-Home Rapid COVID TestThe company that produces the test says it should be widely available by the spring.
  8. keratin
    Why Hasn’t the FDA Banned Toxic Keratin Treatments?Brazilian Blowout and similar hair-straightening products are believed to release noxious clouds of formaldehyde, which may cause cancer.
  9. health
    Xanax Will Now Come With a More Serious Warning LabelThe FDA will require new labels on benzodiazepines to reflect the drugs’ high risk for abuse and addiction.
  10. tiktok
    Please Do Not Try the ‘Benadryl Challenge’The FDA has issued a warning against the dangerous TikTok trend, which has landed several teens in the hospital.
  11. recalls
    This Is the Worst Food Recall YetFirst, onions and citrus. Now, peaches — at the height of stone-fruit season, no less.
  12. flu season
    FDA Warns Purell to Stop Claiming It Can Prevent the FluHand-sanitizer use is an ineffective way to deal with flu season.
  13. explainers
    Your Questions About CBD, AnsweredIs that CBD gummy useful, or just delicious?
  14. health
    Do We Really Understand the Risks of Breast Implants?The Cut spoke to a plastic surgeon about the FDA’s decision to recall certain textured breast implants linked to a rare cancer.
  15. vaping
    FDA Enlists Street Magician to Stop Kids From Vaping“Some people think that vaping is no big deal, but that is just an illusion.”
  16. science of us
    Can a Party Drug Really Treat Severe Depression?The FDA just approved an anesthetic ketamine.
  17. yikes
    Your Claire’s Makeup May Have Asbestos in ItThe FDA is warning consumers to stop using some of the company’s products.
  18. science of us
    Good-bye to My Pal, FDA Commissioner Scott GottliebWell, shoot.
  19. thank you california
    California Is Banning Animal Testing in BeautyThey’re trying to do it by 2020.
  20. science of us
    Gynecologists Are Mad About the Safety Warning on Vaginal LasersSome are arguing that the FDA’s definition of “vaginal rejuvenation,” which includes treatment for pelvic pain, is too broad.
  21. science of us
    Natural Cycles Is the First Birth-Control App to Get FDA ApprovalBut it still might not be such a good idea to rely on it for pregnancy prevention.
  22. whoa
    In Blow to Almond-Milk Enthusiasts, FDA Chief Admits ‘An Almond Doesn’t Lactate’Brave.
  23. scary beauty
    Congress Is Trying to Ban This Potentially Cancerous Lotion IngredientSenators are petitioning the FDA for help.
  24. hairy situations
    Why Two Groups Are Suing the FDA Over Hair-Straightening TreatmentsThey say both salon workers and customers are at risk.
  25. would you look at that
    Banning Tanning Beds Would Save Thousands of Lives and Millions of DollarsHow are we still debating this?
  26. yikes
    These Teething Tablets and Gels May Have Killed 10 Kids, FDA SaysBad news for the homeopathic products.
  27. not good
    These Common Teething Products Are Dangerous for Young ChildrenThe FDA says consumers should stop using them and throw away whatever they have.
  28. food fights
    The FDA Is Finally Going to Update the Definition of ‘Healthy’Currently, foods that are low in fat but high in sugar can use it, which, no.
  29. beauty
    This New Bill Could Keep Harsh Chemicals Out of Your MakeupIt would finally require the FDA to regulate what goes into makeup.
  30. female viagra
    The Grassroots Campaign for ‘Female Viagra’ Was Funded by Its ManufacturerThe effort got several women’s groups onboard despite concerns about the science.
  31. hairy situations
    FDA Issues Safety Alert for Wen ConditionerThere’s already a class-action lawsuit regarding the product.
  32. ice cold
    Cryotherapy Is an Extremely Cold Waste of Time, FDA SaysCold, hard truth.
  33. big lotion
    No One Is Monitoring What’s in Your Skin CareOr your kid’s, either.
  34. ch-ch-changes
    What the New Nutrition Labels Will Look LikeGreetings, added sugar grams.
  35. pure evil
    New Nutrition Labels Will Remind You That Sugar Is the Root of All EvilAdded sugars will be called out on the new labels — whenever it is they arrive.
  36. food fights
    Kind Bars Got the FDA to Admit the Term ‘Healthy’ Is Basically a JokeOne small win for nuts.
  37. things men do not have to deal with
    Yeast-Infection Meds Could Lead to MiscarriageOf course, treating a women’s-health problem causes another health problem for women.
  38. shmashmortion
    What the Changes to Abortion-Pill Labels Really MeanThis is more political than medical.
  39. things that took entirely too long
    FDA: Wait, Maybe Tanning Isn’t Great for MinorsProbably not the best for adults, either.
  40. compliance
    Kim Kardashian’s Run-in With the FDA, ExplainedWill she have to repost last month’s morning-sickness endorsement?
  41. drugs
    What’s the Real Deal With ‘Female Viagra’?Is the fight for a new drug about feminism or pharmaceutical lobbying?
  42. hazardous herbs
    Shady Drugs Found in Shady Diet DrugsDiet supplements contain amphetamine-like substances, scientists say.
  43. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    The Guide to Living Life UnscentedFor those of you who have fragrance sensitivities — or don’t want to smell like a million scents at once.
  44. protect yo’self!
    A Dermatologist Decodes the New Sunscreen LabelsAre you aware of all the FDA changes?
  45. someone’s in trouble
    ‘Brazilian Blowouts’ Still Contain FormaldehydeThey didn’t listen to the FDA’s warning letters.
  46. loose threads
    Chanel to Show in Scotland; Town & Country Names New PublisherAnd here’s Kate Hudson in ads for Ann Taylor.
  47. beauty marks
    Charlize Theron Is Just Fine With Aging; FDA Delays Sunscreen Label ChangesPlus, Leelee Sobieski on her daughter and makeup.
  48. beauty marks
    Skin-Lightening Creams Can Be Dangerous; Ashley Olsen Can Really Change Up Her LookAnd Rihanna is bringing mop tops back.
  49. beauty marks
    Cindy Crawford Embraces Her Cellulite; Topshop to Launch MakeupAnd a British woman underwent 51 surgeries to look like Queen Nefertiti.