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  1. space
    At Least We Don’t Have to Worry About This One ThingA large asteroid is set to fly by Earth — but it won’t hit us. So at least there’s that.
  2. fears
    This Might Be the Most Terrifying Nightmare Cruise YetA Norwegian Cruise Line ship was recently rocked by 115 mph winds.
  3. science of us
    I’m Terrified of Neti PotsNo brain-eating amoebas for me, thank-you.
  4. Dolls Are Creepy Because Your Brain Can’t Handle Fake FacesPediophobia, explained.
  5. keeping up with the kardashians
    Kendall Jenner’s Biggest Phobia Is Pancakes, Which Is a Little on the NoseYep.
  6. fears
    It’s Possible to Be Scared to DeathExtreme stress on the heart is not so good. 
  7. depths
    Jennifer Aniston Deeply Fears the Watery DepthsAn origin story and a theory.