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  1. finer things
    Fly Away in Prada’s Feathered HeelsA flight of fancy for your feet.
  2. finer things
    Go Ahead, Wear Showgirl-Style FeathersPrada’s matching hat and skirt make a good case for plumes.
  3. now trending
    How to Pull off the Feather Trend From Prada in Real LifeIt’s easier than you think.
  4. i’m like a bird
    Are Feathers the Next Trend of the Fall 2017 Season?A brief examination of fashion’s obsession of the avian variety.
  5. look of the day
    FKA Twigs Wore a Magnificent Pair of WingsA stunning array of rainbow-colored feathers by Alexander McQueen.
  6. look of the day
    J.Lo Looked Like a Glitzy Figure SkaterA bedazzled leotard plus fishnets.
  7. look of the day
    Milla Jovovich Looked Like a Fancy OstrichFeathery shoulders.
  8. look of the day
    Dakota Fanning Wore a Pile of Iridescent FeathersOn Chanel’s private island.
  9. street style
    Street Style: Vibrant, Sparkly Plumes at the West Indian Day ParadeDon’t rain on my parade.
  10. you need this
    Stick a Feather in Your HatOr let it dangle from your blazer.
  11. fashionable injuries
    Mariah Carey Has the Most Glamorous Arm Slings EverThey belong together.
  12. look of the day
    Anna Dello Russo Goes Full Flamingo in MilanCourtesy of Oscar de la Renta.
  13. male nudity
    Terry Richardson Shot a Pair of Naked Twin ModelsIdentical twin male models, at that.
  14. feathered fashion
    Wing It With Feathered Hair AccessoriesA sampling of party-ready feathered hair accessories, from subtle, tufted clips to bold, Kenley-esque headwear.
  15. three is a trend
    Birds of a FeatherThough feathers were a major fall trend last year, this season plumes have flown up into hats.