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  1. profiles
    The Best Reason to Start Using Uber AgainPositive, boundary-breaking, irresistible — she may be the only way to get where they need to go.
  2. hotlines
    Kate Bolick Was My On-Call Dating-Advice Guru Could 48 hours of her wisdom fix my love life?
  3. definitions
    I’m Not a Spinster Aunt, I’m a PANKThat’s Professional Aunt, No Kids — and we’re the latest target for holiday marketing.
  4. true religion
    Losing Fashion, Finding God: The Ex-Models Who Go EvangelicalMeet the women making a second career for themselves in religion by speaking out against the evils of the industry.
  5. role models
    Martha Stewart’s Best Lesson: Don’t Give a DamnShe doesn’t care at all if people like her, which is why she’s been so successful.
  6. encounters
    In the Pits: How Fashion Week Gets PhotographedTrailing along with Chris Moore, the octogenarian catwalk capturer.
  7. meggings
    Yes, Men Are Actually Buying Leggings for FallBlame the blogs. Or labels like Uniqlo, Givenchy, or John Bartlett for designing them.