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  1. celebrity
    Drew Barrymore Is Truly LivingDoes anyone else on earth FEEL this much?
  2. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I Feel Like I’m Numb to the World’Vulnerability is a risk. But it’s one worth taking, I think.
  3. self
    How to Make Yourself CryIf you feel like you’re in need of a good cry, here are a few ways to get the tears flowing.
  4. science of us
    If You’re Sick of ‘Mindfulness,’ Might I Recommend ‘Interoception’?Wake up, interocept. Take a break, interocept.
  5. science of us
    Would Life Be Better If I Cried More?People feel more connected to people who are crying. I want in.
  6. feelings
    Raf Simons Cried ‘So Hard’ at This Classic American FilmCan you guess which one is his favorite?
  7. How to Have an Emotional Meltdown at Work and Get Away With ItIt’s worth a try.
  8. companions
    The World’s First Robot With Feelings Is a Big Hit“Pepper” sold out in under a minute.
  9. feelings
    To All Relevant Parties: Say ‘I Love You’ AlreadyA short video about a couple that has dated for eight years and never said “I love you.”
  10. technological advances
    Coming Soon: A Computer That Knows How You FeelPotentially better than your roommate and/or mother.
  11. feelings
    Science Has Found 15 New EmotionsGet ready to feel new feels.
  12. it’s science
    Study: Humans Have Only 4 FeelingsWe can still eat them though, yes?
  13. feelings
    Zosia Mamet Says Your Insecurities Are Like DiamondsCherish them, love them, polish them.
  14. feelings
    Women Sad, Men Fearful; Humans E-MailThe first large-scale study of sentiment in e-mail found that men and women e-mail differently.
  15. eating your feelings
    Maybe We’re Not Emotional, Just HungryWild!