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Female Friendship

  1. the bigger picture
    ‘I Make the Place, I Am the Place’Photographers and friends Genesis Báez and Jennifer Calivas explore the permeability of bodies, place, and pleasure in their two-person exhibition.
  2. cut cover story
    ‘I’m Having a Friendship Affair’A look at the intensely obsessive, deeply meaningful, occasionally undermining, marriage-threatening, slightly pathological platonic intimacy that can happen between women.
  3. the occult
    How Tarot Became the Trendiest Party GameAn Instagrammable social lubricant for modern mystics.
  4. rituals
    What Getting Your Nails Done Really MeansAnd why the manicure habit is so hard to break.
  5. friends forever
    The Two Friends Who Shared Selfies Every Day for a YearAfter moving apart, they communicated exclusively by images. 
  6. friends forever
    Why Do Your Friends’ Clothes Always Seem More Interesting Than Your Own?The Cut hosted a clothing swap to document a timeless ritual of female friendship: sharing clothes.
  7. eavesdropping
    Um, Louis C.K. Overheard You Lying to Your FriendAfter that dude wouldn’t text her? You remember.
  8. q&a
    Emily Gould Didn’t Mean to Provoke Lena DunhamAn interview with the debut novelist and reluctant lightning rod.
  9. intimate moments of friendship
    How to Be BFFs With Mariah Carey Donatella Versace demonstrates.
  10. girl talk
    The Great Digital BFF RenaissanceGroup text messages are slumber parties for adults.
  11. matchy matchy
    Taylor Swift and Lorde Are in the Full-Outfit-Matching Stage of FriendshipGirl has a case of mirroring.
  12. hairy situations
    Katy Perry Creepily Collects Hair From Her Celebrity BFFsDo not ask Katy Perry to show you what is in her bag.
  13. matchy matchy
    What Is the Meaning of Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld Matching Their Outfits?Is this cute or creepy?
  14. new friends
    An Ode to Lindsay Lohan and Kristen Stewart’s New FriendshipAn odd couple that, deep down, makes sense.