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Female Genital Mutilation

  1. ilhan omar
    Ilhan Omar Is Done Responding to Bigoted Assumptions About Her BeliefsThe congresswoman said she was “appalled” to be asked about female genital mutilation yet again.
  2. horrible things
    Another Michigan Doctor Was Arrested for Female Genital MutilationDr. Fakhruddin Attar’s case is connected to Dr. Jumana Nagarwala’s from last week.
  3. horrible things
    Michigan Doctor Charged With Performing Female Genital MutilationDr. Jumana Nagarwala is involved in what is believed to be the first FGM-related criminal case in the United States.
  4. this again
    17-Year-Old Dies During Female CircumcisionThe procedure is illegal in Egypt and was performed at a private hospital.
  5. Pediatricians Recommend Circumcision to Prevent HIV and HPV InfectionSo that we don’t all get HPV. Because we know you don’t trust that vaccine either.