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  1. femen
    Femen Co-founder Found Dead in ParisOfficials have not yet released a cause of death.
  2. protests
    Topless Protester Tried to Steal Baby Jesus From Vatican Nativity SceneFemen strikes again.
  3. protests
    Woody Allen’s Clarinet Performance Interrupted by Topless ProtestersFemen showed up onstage during his jazz-band concert in Hamburg.
  4. protests
    Topless Protester Disrupts Donald Trump Wax Statue UnveilingFemen is at it again.
  5. election day
    Two Topless Protesters Were Arrested at Donald Trump’s Polling SiteOne had “Trump, grab your balls” written on her chest.
  6. movie versions
    What If ‘Free the Nipple’ Were More Like Pussy Riot?A new feature film imagines it.
  7. femen
    Ukraine’s Topless Feminists Are Here and They’re RecruitingHate Putin? Love boobs? Sign up.
  8. go femen go!
    Femen Takes the Runway During Paris Fashion WeekClimbing the ranks in the fashion world, one topless rebellion at a time.
  9. boobs or lose
    Of Course There’s a Creepy Guy Behind FemenA new documentary reveals the Ukrainian group’s sexist leader. 
  10. topless jihad
    Femen Disrupts Germany’s Next Top Model TapingTop model, meet topless feminist.
  11. boobs against islam
    Femen Taking on All of Islam With Mass Sexual ProtestOr something.
  12. watch
    Femen’s Tunisian Activist Amina Tyler Ran AwayShe’s headed to France.
  13. Why Is Everyone So Mad at Pretty, Topless Femen?I miss Pussy Riot.
  14. boobs or lose
    Happy ‘Topless Jihad’ DayFemen protests across Europe for their fallen sister, Amina. 
  15. femen
    Topless Protesters Accost Silvio BerlusconiTypical Sunday stuff.