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  1. gallery
    Meet the Artist Behind the First Vagina MonologueCarolee Schneemann’s feminist art gets a retrospective.
  2. non-feminists
    Marion Cotillard Is the Latest Non-Feminist ActressShe thinks the whole equality thing is getting in the way.
  3. theories
    Maybe the VMAs Are a Feminist ConspiracyMove over, Illuminati. 
  4. gloria steinem
    Have a Glorious Birthday, Ms. SteinemA handful of New York highlights.
  5. history
    Today’s Google Doodle Is Dorothy Irene HeightThe search engine responds to criticism that their Doodles are sexist.
  6. feminists
    Katy Perry, Now a Feminist, Defines the Term FancifullyThe human dictionary speaks again. 
  7. feminist interviews
    So Jennifer Aniston Interviewed Gloria SteinemAniston takes this opportunity to say, Screw the “sad Jen” trope. 
  8. quotables
    Who’s the Biggest Feminist in the World? It’s MileyAccording to who? Miley.
  9. words
    Kelly Clarkson, You Probably Are a FeministClarkson announces feminist is “too strong” of a descriptor for her.
  10. party chat
    Gloria Steinem Hopes Marissa Mayer Cracks Down on Tumblr PornAnd “thinspiration” posts, too.
  11. firearm feminism
    Rise of the Female Gun NutHello Kitty handguns, concealed-carry bras, and a charged gender debate.
  12. linguistics
    What Should We Say Instead of ‘Pro-Choice’?As Planned Parenthood moves away from the term, feminists offer up new options.