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  1. swellness
    Please Don’t Make Me Try Maca Ever AgainPeople swear it’s a good coffee substitute. People are crazy.
  2. fertility
    Zika Could Remain in Semen for As Long As 6 MonthsNot good.
  3. fertility
    The Fitbit for Fertility Is Finally Here And you only have to wear it while you sleep.
  4. unwifeable
    7 Shut-It-Down Responses to the Question ‘When Are You Having a Baby?’“I’m concerned about why you’re asking me this. Are you getting everything you need at home?”
  5. semen
    An iPhone Microscope Attachment Could Help Men Test Their Sperm Count at HomeNew frontiers in fertility.
  6. lawsuits
    Woman Wins Appeal to Use Her Deceased Daughter’s EggsTruly a new frontier of fertility.
  7. fertility
    Surprisingly, This Is the Best Age to Freeze Your Eggs How to balance declining egg quality against the likelihood that you’d even need to open the freezer.
  8. informed consent
    Women With Cancer Are Woefully Misinformed About Their Fertility OptionsInsult, meet injury.
  9. medical breakthroughs
    Everything We Know About the Country’s First Penis TransplantA Massachusetts man has a new penis after he lost his to cancer.
  10. biological clocks
    Should You Take an at-Home Fertility Test?Real talk about your eggs.
  11. love and war
    IVF Works Better If You’re RichOr if you’re in a female-dominated field.
  12. the worst
    The Country’s First Uterus Transplant Failed Because of a Yeast InfectionYeast infections continue to be the worst.
  13. it's complicated
    My Wife Is Breast-feeding Both of Our BabiesA five-month check-in on the wives who gave birth four days apart.
  14. bummers
    The Country’s First Uterus Transplant Is No MoreThe transplant failed on Tuesday and the organ had to be removed.
  15. very modern medicine
    Everything We Know About the Country’s First Uterus TransplantAnd the woman who received it.
  16. cut cover story
    My Wife and I Are (Both) PregnantThe story of two women who set out to have a baby together, and were more successful than they ever imagined.
  17. package deals
    Gird Your Birth Canals: Twins Could Be in Your FutureThankfully, other moms will be able to relate.
  18. very modern medicine
    All Your Penis-Transplant Questions, AnsweredFirst uteruses, now penises — it’s been a good month for transplants.
  19. parasites
    Please, Dear God, Don’t Try Ingesting the Fertility WormLooking at you, health hippies.
  20. sex diaries
    The Wife Trying to Get Pregnant and Sneaking McNuggetsThis week’s sex diary.
  21. rah rah science
    Sister, Can You Spare a Uterus?Uterus transplants: the wave of the future.
  22. baby news
    Discovery Could Improve Dismal IVF Success RatesResearchers can predict which embryos will be healthiest several days sooner.
  23. fertility
    The Real Reason Women Freeze Their EggsWhat I learned when I decided to freeze mine.
  24. ovaries week
    15 Women on Their MiscarriagesFifteen percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Why don’t we talk more about it?
  25. ovaries week
    What If You Just Don’t Know If You Want Kids?Some women aren’t delaying parenthood — they’re debating it.
  26. this appeals to my pinterests
    7 Etiquette Tips for Your Next Egg-Freezing PartyDos and don’ts of fertility fêtes.
  27. fun with cell phones
    Chill Your Fertility-Panic About Cell Phones in PocketsConclusion: No one knows anything, ever. 
  28. Dudes, Chill Out: Stress Hurts Your SpermAnxious men had “misshapen” little swimmers, according to this study.
  29. good taste
    Women’s Musical Taste Changes With Their Fertility CyclesComplex musicians: very desired. 
  30. decisions
    Egg Freezing and the Empowerment ParadoxThe message of expensive fertility fixes? You’re in control, so you’re to blame if things don’t work out
  31. interview
    ‘Mistake Sex,’ an Orange Boa, and a Bronx Accent: At Home With Princeton MomSusan Patton is a gleefully snobby rape-denier. You’re going to love her.
  32. interview
    Face It: You Can’t Have a Baby Whenever You WantAuthor Tanya Selvaratnam talks about The Big Lie, her new book on feminism and fertility.
  33. timelines
    The Real Reason Twentysomething Women Are WorriedIt’s not because tricky, slippery boys just won’t commit.
  34. meat
    Bringing Home the BaconModern masculinity gets harder for processed-meat lovers.
  35. Good News: Pregnancy Past 35 Not As Difficult As We ThoughtWomen don’t suddenly shrivel up at age 27 or 35.
  36. fame
    Artist Casts Pregnant Kardashian in SculptureFrom the man who brought the world The Birth of Sean Preston.
  37. pregnancy
    Study: Atkins-Esque Diet Good for FertilityEggs are good for your eggs.
  38. biological clocks
    Old Dads Are the New Old MomsIn the New Republic, men and women face biological crises. 
  39. broadminded
    Tell Me a State’s Fertility Rate, and I’ll Tell You How It VotedMove over, Nate Silver. The best indicator of a state’s politics is its females’ fertility.
  40. Do Not Hold Your Breath for Celebrity SpermFame Daddy still needs to work out a few kinks in its business model.
  41. babymaking
    Tick-Tock, the Male Biological ClockWhy women are obsessed with studies about aging sperm.
  42. fertility
    Sperm Crisis in Israel?Experts blame overexposure to estrogen.