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  1. fiction
    13 More Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Fictional CharactersDumbledore was gay and Princess Leia had a PhD, but what else don’t we know?
  2. George Saunders: Fiction Makes You Less Self-AbsorbedWith a little help from Chekhov.
  3. cut book club
    12 Books We’re Reading to Understand the Election ResultRead with us.
  4. cut book club
    11 Books We’re Reading Right Now Our picks for the month of July.
  5. fiction
    The Girls Misses What’s Truly Scary About the Manson StoryThe book chooses imaginary girlhood innocence over real vulnerability.
  6. interview
    Everybody Is Wrong About Candace Bushnell If you think her new book is about Sex and the City, “you’re just cray-cray.”
  7. Can Where the Wild Things Are Teach Kids Empathy?The larger life lessons of picture books.
  8. dubious achievements
    The Nominees for Worst Sex in a Novel in 2013Oh god.
  9. great projects
    Read an Excerpt From Prada’s New International Literary JournalEvery short story features eye glasses.
  10. gender vs. genre
    Meet Bill Spence, Romance-Novel-Writing GrandpaAwww.
  11. celebrotica
    Natalie Portman Moves to Paris, Black Swan–ifiedOur resident romance novelist rewrites the tabloids.
  12. celebrotica
    Cast Out of the Chateau Marmont: An Erotic Lindsay Lohan OdysseyOur resident romance novelist rewrites Lindsay’s latest travail.