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Fifty Shades Of Grey

  1. what’s good
    Surprise! Book Club Isn’t a Nancy Meyers MovieIf it drinks white wine like a Nancy Meyers movie, it must be a Nancy Meyers movie, right?
  2. over easy
    All You Need to Make Bread Is Flour, Yeast, and Some Lite BDSMA guide to making the perfect loaf of bread.
  3. fifty shades of wtf
    Did Fifty Shades of Grey Make Its Readers More Sexist?Or were they just more sexist to begin with?
  4. used erotica
    Don’t Donate Your Copy of 50 Shades to CharityNo one wants your used erotica, sorry.
  5. thieves
    The New Fifty Shades Manuscript Is Too Sexy to Wait for, ApparentlySomebody stole it.
  6. sex lives
    Fifty Shades of Grey Is a Great Dating GuideNo, seriously.
  7. mooooom!
    I’m Seeing Fifty Shades With My Mom, Because I Am the Real Masochist Will we ever be the same?
  8. fifty shades of meh
    Exactly How Much Sex Is in Fifty Shades of Grey? A precise calculation.
  9. quotables
    Dakota Johnson Fears How Famous She Might Get“An Interview with a Woman on the Brink of Fame.”
  10. fifty shades of boring
    15 Inanimate Objects With More Chemistry Than Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Soap and loofah > Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.
  11. fifty shades of wtf
    Jamie Dornan Took a Good, Long Shower After Visiting a Sex Dungeon“Research.”
  12. dong watch
    Jamie Dornan Will Not Show Penis in Fifty Shades of GreyThis movie is cursed. Cursed.
  13. awkward situations
    Should You See Fifty Shades of Grey With Your Mom?The reckoning approaches.
  14. fifty shades of wtf
    Jamie Dornan Watched Sex and the City for His 50 Shades ResearchWe’re very concerned.
  15. cover girls
    A Fifty Shades Teaser, Now on an Elle Near YouDakota Johnson is the March cover girl.
  16. we’re sorry
    Herpes Found on 50 Shades of Grey Library Copy OH. DISGUSTING.
  17. the tribe has spoken
    The Housewives Have Spoken: Hunnam’s OutThe power of the coven.
  18. interview
    Q&A: Erica Jong Feels Miley Cyrus’s PainHer next book is called Fear of Dying.
  19. her mossness
    Kate Moss Reads Fifty Shades of Grey (Out Loud)“He groans as I squeeze tightly.”
  20. quotables
    Stephenie Meyer on Twilight-Inspired Fifty Shades: ‘Too Smutty’She’s never read it.
  21. great divorces
    Fifty Shades of Grey Officially Ruins MarriageWhen the old ball and chain reaches for whips and cuffs.
  22. the aisle
    The Plain Vanilla Transgressions of Modern WivesIn a culture obsessed with duplicity, my friends prefer innocent thrills.
  23. quotables
    Victoria Beckham Is Spicing Up Her Life With Fifty Shades of GreyShe’s sharing her love for the book too — at least, to a point.
  24. campaign trail
    New Fall 2012 Ads: Marc New YorkJust what we needed.
  25. loose threads
    Ringless Miranda Kerr; Nicole Richie’s SketchesPlus, Kate Moss covers Harper Bazaar Ukraine’s August issue.
  26. unnecessary spinoffs
    You Could Soon Own Fifty Shades of Makeup, LingerieAnd bedding, home furnishings, and stationery!