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  1. fights
    Justin Bieber Still Pretty Sure He Could Take Tom Cruise in a Fight“I’m the Conor McGregor of entertainment.”
  2. fights
    Wow, Look at This Photo of Trump and Bloomberg FightingAnother riveting day of politics!
  3. marriage: an investigation
    The One Thing I Wish My Partner Would Say When We Fight“He accused me over overreacting when all I wanted him to say was, ‘I’ll fix this.’”
  4. money troubles
    8 Women on the Biggest Money Fight in Their RelationshipArguments about how to spend and how to save — but also about power, priorities, and different visions of a shared future.
  5. death threats
    Why Brad Pitt Reportedly Threatened to Kill Harvey Weinstein in the ’90s“He’s the best,” Gwyneth Paltrow said.
  6. science of us
    An Argument Expert Explains the Best Way to Fight With Your PartnerSo that you still like each other afterward.
  7. media
    A Guest Made Fun of Laura Ingraham for Losing Advertisers“High-school kids shut you down.”
  8. fights
    Joe Biden Says He Regrets Telling People He Wants to Fight TrumpThis was not the first time the former VP said he’d beat the president up behind the gym if they were both still in high school.
  9. fights
    71-Year-Old Tells 75-Year-Old That He Could Actually Kick His AssTrump-Biden is this year’s Mayweather-McGregor.
  10. media
    Katie Roiphe’s Man Seems to Be Tweeting Angry Responses at Her Critics“You are a moron wrapped inside a moron.”
  11. angry birds
    Trump and Bannon Battle It Out on Covers of NYC NewspapersThey enter a “cuckfighting” arena and then go back in time to ancient Rome.
  12. drama
    Fight Breaks Out at Sample Sale Over a Leather Jacket“One woman scratched another woman’s face.”
  13. drama
    How One Florida Woman Plunged a Wedding Into Absolute ChaosShe crashed a wedding to spy on her boyfriend and ended up in a brawl.
  14. what your therapist really thinks
    ‘If We Always Threaten Divorce, Is Our Marriage Doomed?’What Your Therapist Really Thinks: This week’s column.
  15. Envy Nearly Wrecked My Best FriendshipI wanted what he had, which I imagined to be the Dream.
  16. tabloid dreams
    Lindsay Lohan Reportedly All Up in a Fight With a Young Hilton BrotherGetting some culture at Art Basel. 
  17. fake feuds
    Jennifer Lawrence Is Sorta in a Fashion FeudFirst goes her hair, then goes her popularity.
  18. fighting words
    This Couple Broadcasts All Their Fights on TwitterAnd they delight us.
  19. calm yourselves
    Study: Women, It’s All on You to Recover Post-FightLet your husband stew and fuss. He doesn’t matter.
  20. studies
    Are We Fighting for Power or Are We Just Cranky?Two new social psychology studies.
  21. run through
    Rami Kashou and Christian Siriano’s Boyfriend Injured in Separate FightsRami is okay after a bar fight in West Hollywood. Brad Walsh is still recovering from injuries after a truck driver punched him.