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    Anna Wintour Declines to Acknowledge That Melania Is First Lady“And for me, [Michelle Obama] is the example I admire.”
  2. family separation policy
    All Four Former First Ladies Have Condemned Trump’s Family-Separation PolicyRosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama have criticized the Trump administration’s new immigration policy.
  3. politics
    Talking About the Mysteries of Melania Trump With an NYT Reporter Who Covers HerThe New York Times’ Katie Rogers on the First Lady’s prolonged absence, conspiracy theories, and how difficult it is to get access to the East Wing.
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    French First Lady Says Melania Trump Isn’t Allowed to ‘Go Outside’“She can’t even open a window at the White House.”
  5. first ladies
    SNL’s Michelle Obama and Jackie O Give Their Best Life Advice to Melania TrumpAbout cheating husbands, approval ratings, and doing what First Ladies have always done.
  6. first dude
    Hillary Clinton Will Give Bill Something to Do While She Leads the Free WorldHint: It has nothing to do with floral arrangements.
  7. first ladies
    On House of Cards, Claire Underwood Wears Lipstick From TargetThroughout all of season three on House of Cards.
  8. first ladies
    Being First Lady Really Put a Damper on Carla Bruni’s Cosmetics ContractsBut she’s back!
  9. first ladies
    The Long, Mysterious Story of Jackie Kennedy’s Famous Pink Suit How the outfit she wore when JFK was shot ended up hidden in the National Archives.
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    ‘Michelle Obama of China’ Will Not Meet Michelle ObamaChina’s opera-singing First Lady is in California right now.
  11. other first ladies
    Meet China’s Campy, Trendy, Opera-Singing First LadyWatch her sing communist propaganda.
  12. first ladies
    Will Michelle’s Second Inaugural Gown Be Better?First ladies do better the second time around. View our gallery.
  13. first lady fashion
    Do People Still Care About What Michelle Obama Wears?News outlets say no, but our hearts say yes.
  14. reality republicans
    Ann Romney Will Not Dance With the StarsSorry, America.
  15. first ladies
    Michelle Obama Gets Downton Abbey Episodes EarlyNo spoilers, Michelle!
  16. the humanizer
    Exploding Butter Spooks Ann Romney’s Security on GMABut she won the horse vote. 
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    Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s Favorite FilmsNo Citizen Kane, no Nora Ephron, no Dark Knight.
  18. party chat
    Designers Not As Excited About Ann RomneyDonna Karan, DVF, Siriano discuss first lady style.
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    Michelle Obama Wants Four More Years As ‘Mom-in-Chief’An impassioned speech with an implicit critique.
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    The Great First Lady Media Arms Race of 2012Time to trot out the candidates’ better halves.
  21. the aisle
    The Art of the Political WifeAnn Romney and Janna Ryan are stay-at-home moms, and the GOP likes them that way.
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    The Real Housewives of Oppressive RegimesHistory would make a great reality show.