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First Lady

  1. bullies
    Melania Trump Talks the Jacket, the White House, and Bullies in New InterviewShe says she’s the most bullied person in the world.
  2. empowerment
    Melania Trump Can Watch Any TV Channel She Wants, ‘BTW’!The president reportedly got upset that she was watching CNN on Air Force One.
  3. immigration
    Melania Trump Visits Detained Children in TexasThe trip was reportedly planned in less than 48 hours.
  4. melania watch
    Melania’s Back, Baby!She made an appearance at Ford’s Theatre this weekend, one of her first since her 25-day absence,
  5. uhh
    Melania Trump Unveils Confusing New Initiative“Be Best” is about cyberbullying and also the opioid crisis?
  6. the art of diplomacy
    Melania Trump Has Been Very Busy Pointing at ThingsIn preparation for French president Emmanuel Macron’s state visit.
  7. responsible parenting
    Michelle Obama Compares Trump to a Parent Who Lets Kids ‘Eat Candy All Day’And squashed 2020 presidential-run rumors.
  8. first ladies
    SNL’s Michelle Obama and Jackie O Give Their Best Life Advice to Melania TrumpAbout cheating husbands, approval ratings, and doing what First Ladies have always done.
  9. no regrets?
    Trump Insists Melania ‘Truly Loves’ Being First LadyWho to believe?
  10. regrets
    Seems Like Melania Trump Really Didn’t Want to Be First LadyYou don’t say.
  11. department of silver linings
    Michelle Obama Wore an Amazing Black Dress to the ESPY AwardsIt’s by Cushnie et Ochs.
  12. politics
    Melania Trump’s Hometown in Slovenia Is Giving $90 First Lady ToursThe tiny town of Sevnica also offers Melania-themed wine, chocolate, and face cream.
  13. hairy situations
    Michelle Obama’s Hair Has Been Natural for YearsAccording to her hairstylist, it’s been natural the entire time she’s been in the White House.
  14. reading is fundamental
    Melania Trump’s Favorite Dr. Seuss Book Is Oh, the Places You’ll Go!Melania read the classic book to children at a city hospital.
  15. Melania Trump Is Reportedly ‘Miserable’ in Her Role As First Lady“This life wasn’t her dream. It was Donald’s.”
  16. politics
    Melania Trump’s Advisers Assure Us She’ll Do First Lady Things at Some PointShe’s just being “true to her.”
  17. Melania Trump Hires Chief of Staff As First Pick for White House TeamOther key vacancies in the visitor’s office have resulted in no official tours being done at the White House.
  18. Here’s What Ivanka Trump Says About Rumors She Will Be Serving As First Lady“There’s one First Lady, and she’ll do remarkable things.”
  19. trumped!
    Here’s Who’s Dressing Melania Trump for the InaugurationThe designer will reach across the aisle — or design room.
  20. feminist nightmares
    Michelle Obama Is No One’s Feminist NightmareThree black writers explained what she’s accomplished for women.
  21. Get Choked Up Watching Michelle Obama Get Choked UpShe invoked Hadiya Pendleton in a rare gun control speech.
  22. victory lap
    Michelle Obama Thanks Big Business in Wall Street JournalIs this real life?
  23. lady parts
    No ‘Lady Parts’ Talk in Obama Glamour InterviewJust boring economy stuff!
  24. beauty marks
    Michelle Obama’s Makeup Artist Shares the First Lady’s EyebrowsAnd we compare the two.