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  1. feuds
    Why Does Everyone Hate My Dog?In a city bubbling over with rage, pets — and their owners — are enemy No. 1.
  2. relationships
    The Case for Marrying an Older ManA woman’s life is all work and little rest. An age gap relationship can help.
  3. first person
    I Was the Only Girl on My School’s Wrestling TeamWhat I learned from my matches with the boys.
  4. royals
    Kate Middleton Wanted the Same Privacy I HadAs a cancer survivor, I understand why the Princess of Wales tried to protect her diagnosis.
  5. first person
    Portrait of young woman in plane illuminated with sunset light
    Hypnotizing Myself to FlyWhen I could no longer bear the idea of hurtling myself across the sky in a giant aluminum tube, I found help. More than I’d bargained for.
  6. first person
    Going for Botox With My 82-Year-Old MomIn my 20s, I judged my mother for her midlife vanity. Now that I’m 55, I get it.
  7. chapters
    Moonlight on the window
    The TheftFirst, there was the burglary. Then everything went missing.
  8. first person
    My Dad, the Mets, and MeFor years, my relationship with my father was centered around us both cheering for, and mourning over, the losing team. What if we’d already won?
  9. first person
    All the Possible FuturesMy dating profile put me in touch with who I was before my marriage fell apart. But my daughter forced me to confront who I wanted to be.
  10. first person
    How I Got Scammed Out of $50,000I’m still trying to understand why I fell for it.
  11. first person
    Donald Trump Assaulted Me, But He’s Not Alone on My List of Hideous Men“I made a list of hideous men in my life. It includes the president — who assaulted me in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman 23 years ago.”
  12. first person
    A Sea ChangeTransforming — and healing — my relationship to my body, one open-water swim at a time.
  13. first person
    I Was the Villain in My RelationshipWhy was it so hard to admit that I used my ex-boyfriend for his apartment?
  14. chapters
    I Was Told No One Wants Fat GirlsGrowing up, my body was a punch line.
  15. life hacks
    You’re Never Alone With an AudiobookTrust me: This year, I spent more than 2,000 hours listening to them to drown out the silence.
  16. first person
    I Never Belonged in IndianaLeaving Karachi, I thought it would eventually feel like home. But after 20 years, what’s keeping me here?
  17. first person
    What I Learned From Eating Alone in Public for a MonthI wasn’t afraid of loneliness. But after a month of solo sushi dinners on the Danube, I began to wonder if I would die alone.
  18. first person
    Why Do I Feel Loneliest When I’m With My Family?I spend most of the year longing to go home. But when I’m there, I have to admit that something’s changed.
  19. grief
    Looking for My Brother’s GhostMy brother was no stranger to the supernatural. So when he died, I assumed he’d find me from the other side. He found my son instead.
  20. first person
    Happily Ever DivorcedAfter my Instagrammable marriage fell apart, my ex-husband and I finally found peace — off the grid.
  21. first person
    My $5,000 Bender in Casino WorldWhen I got laid off, I started gambling online. I soon lost my grasp on reality.
  22. parenting
    Childhood Independence Is a Mental-Health IssueWhat if we are inadvertently contributing to a decadeslong crisis?
  23. parenting
    Becoming a Dad at 69“How am I going to get down on the floor with my kid?”
  24. parenting
    Why Are We Always on Call for Our Kids?My children very rarely have to wait for anyone for very long — is it time to establish stronger boundaries around my alone time?
  25. weather
    A Rain-Soaked Nightmare for New York ParentsClimate change comes for school pickup.
  26. first person
    I Didn’t Realize How Wrong My Name Felt Until I Changed ItFor years I’d dreamed of seeing my name in print. But when I published my debut novel, I realized it no longer fit me.
  27. mothers and daughters
    My Mother the CreatorThe daughter of artist Jennifer Bartlett unpacks and reflects on her complicated legacy — at home and in the art world.
  28. first person
    What I Learned In Conversion TherapyI went to a session every week in high school. I came out as trans anyway.
  29. brooding
    Will Teens Always Be Daredevils?It seems like an impulse that’s on the wane lately. Is that a good thing?
  30. barbie
    I’m a Barbie BoyI was ashamed of finding joy in femininity as a kid. Barbiemania has helped me let that all go.
  31. first person
    Banishing the Flannel NightgownEsther Perel believes relationships require holding on to mystery and desire. Twenty-three years into marriage, it’s a lesson I’m always relearning.
  32. first person
    What Coming Out As Transgender Taught Me About Parenting“You can’t make a kid trans, but you can make them feel safe being themselves.”
  33. first person
    A Mother’s Impossible Choice at the BorderWorking at a center that helps asylum seekers, I saw the wrenching decisions families make in hopes of reuniting in the U.S.
  34. first person
    The Rage My Father Gave MeWhen I was growing up, his anger was as routine as it was devastating. Now, I’m fighting to stop my own rage from running my life.
  35. excerpt
    The Essay That Started It AllNatalie Beach reckons with her decision to write about her relationship with Caroline Calloway and everything that came next.
  36. first person
    Making It As a Model Meant Hiding I Was TransI kept my real self a secret for years.
  37. the hard part
    Facing Infertility With My KidsThe IVF process is a lonely one. I refuse to let it be this time around for the sake of my two children.
  38. first person
    I Tried It: Estrogen Face CreamRubbing estrogen onto my face seemed scary, until it wasn’t.
  39. first person
    I’m a TV Writer on Food StampsWhile writers like me struggle to make ends meet, Hollywood studios get rich off the content we create.
  40. first person
    A Mother’s Love That Wasn’tHer cruelty and neglect couldn’t stop me from loving her. If only she’d been able to say the same.
  41. first person
    The Invisibility I FearedI was caught before I fell through to the streets. Jordan Neely wasn’t so fortunate.
  42. first person
    My Beautiful MomGrowing up, my mother taught me the power of looking good. It wasn’t always pretty.
  43. first person
    The Surprising Comforts of Dead RingersThe rebooted psychosexual thriller helped me process my fertility and pregnancy experience.
  44. first person
    The First Baby I LovedWhen an adoption match turned unexpectedly complicated, we were faced with our first-ever parenting decision — and our hardest.
  45. first person
    Am I Doomed to a Life of Painful Sex?I thought I had finally cured my vaginismus. Then it came back.
  46. parenting
    Surviving the Death Talk With My KidFinding the words to explain the unspeakable.
  47. first person
    Hanging Out With Your Friends Is Good for YouEspecially if you don’t have anything actually planned.
  48. first person
    Yep, Sobriety Is Good for Your SkinGiving up alcohol — which is pro-inflammatory and dehydrating — naturally depuffed and contoured my face.
  49. first person
    The Hidden Grief of Secondary InfertilityI’m tired of hearing that I should be happy with what I have.
  50. first person
    I Want My Unibrow BackEven though I’ve been fighting it since I was 9.
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