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  1. Ditching All My Running Gadgets Made Me a Better RunnerA case against the quantified self.
  2. true crime
    This Man May Be Convicted of His Wife’s Murder Because of Her Fitbit DataRichard Dabate is accused of killing his wife Connie, and her last recorded steps on Fitbit are part of the case against him.
  3. I Quit Fitbit and Fell Into Nihilistic DespairYou might be better off letting go of the step-counting obsession — but it can be a psychologically grueling process.
  4. The Absolute Worst Way to Find Out You’re PregnantBig-data horror show.
  5. Why a Christian University’s Freshman Fitbit Requirement Is a Bad IdeaThe device has some pretty serious accuracy issues.
  6. sexy tech
    Tory Burch Joins the Wearable-Tech FrayShe made a FitBit.
  7. dietcasting
    Created by Men, Women Now Playing Public Diet GameIf it doesn’t make you miserable, tweeting your weight might change your life.