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Fitness Trackers

  1. wellness theories
    Rev Run on Brussels Sprouts and Health As WealthThe rapper is working on his fitness.
  2. data dumps
    Using a Fitness Tracker Doesn’t Help You Lose WeightPeople without one shed more pounds.
  3. pushy notifications
    Apple’s New Nike Watch Will Harass You Into RunningYour wrist wants you to work out.
  4. Why a Christian University’s Freshman Fitbit Requirement Is a Bad IdeaThe device has some pretty serious accuracy issues.
  5. data dumps
    Study Confirms Fitness Trackers Increase Walking, MiseryReassuring news if you’ve ever felt shamed by your device.
  6. health
    People Lose Interest in Fitness Trackers After 6 MonthsThere’s only so long a person can pretend to be interested in counting to 10,000 steps.