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  1. good vibrations
    As a Single Woman, I’m Willing to Consider These Vibrating Yoga PantsPerfect for self-care multitasking.
  2. wellness theories
    Kelly Osbourne on Lavender Hair, 10-Minute Workouts, and Becoming HealthierAnd the perils of growing up on TV.
  3. Drink Coffee If You Want to Work Out BetterA new study shows that even caffeine addicts still get an energy boost from a pre-workout cup.
  4. wellness theories
    Wendy Whelan on Finding Joy After Injury and Trying Yoga for the First Time“I’m not an advanced yoga person by any means, but I’ve been doing it regularly for the past six months.”
  5. Your Fitness Tracker Probably Isn’t Accurately Calculating the Calories You BurnAccording to a new study from Stanford University.
  6. Uh Oh, an Arrest Warrant Was Just Issued for the Hot-Yoga GuruHe allegedly fled the country to avoid a $7 million judgment.
  7. Bacteria Shirt Might Be the Key to Not Being Drenched in Sweat After Working OutThe bioLogic shirt was designed by MIT scientists.
  8. Having a Glass of Wine Each Day Could Increase Your Breast Cancer RiskA new study linked 10 grams of alcohol per day to heightened breast cancer risk.
  9. wellness theories
    This Is Where a Supermodel Works Out in New York CityYou’ve probably taken a class with her.
  10. WATCH: Treadmills Used to be Considered a Cruel and Unusual PunishmentThey were even outlawed.
  11. A New Theory on Why People Who Exercise Lots Are So Damn Happy All the TimePhysical activity brings a “cascade of positive events” to your life, argues a recent study.
  12. let's talk about breasts
    The 8 Best Sports Bras for Big BoobsMinimize the pain and bounce.
  13. workout gifs
    Drake’s Trainer Shows You 4 Full-Body Workout Moves You Can Do at HomeWorkout gifs from the man who helped sculpt Drake.
  14. born to run
    6 Ways to Run Better, According to Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-RossOlympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross’s tips for beginner runners.
  15. fitness
    Ludacris Shows Us the Easiest Way to Get a Six-pack for Summer: CGIWe can’t look away.
  16. Here’s the Bad News for People Who Want to Lose Weight Without Exercising▶️ It’s worth a look at the science.
  17. Bored Office Drones Pursue the Pain of Tough Mudders Just to Feel SomethingNew research contrasts the pain of extreme obstacle-course events with the ennui of the office.
  18. This Exercise Can Help Reverse the Aging ProcessScientists found it is “highly effective” in reversing the age-related changes in cells.
  19. This Exercise Can Help Reverse the Aging ProcessScientists found it is “highly effective” in reversing the age-related changes in cells.
  20. The Enduring Wisdom of a 1972 Book About TennisWhy some sporting legends credit it with helping them stay cool under pressure.
  21. 10 Minutes And A Set Of Stairs Are All You Need To Get More FitFitness can and should be convenient.
  22. Why Your Brain Becomes More Flexible After Working OutIt takes the foot off the brakes of your brain.
  23. Even the Easiest Exercise Makes People HappierWho’s up for some gentle walking?
  24. fitness
    Someone Is Totally Going to Break a Piece of Art During This Met Museum WorkoutA new form of fitness.
  25. fitness
    Do Fewer Reps, Get a Better WorkoutLet’s get “supramaximal.”
  26. fitness
    It’s Fine to Do All Your Exercise One Day a Week, Kind OfWeekend warriors, unite.
  27. Disturbing Study Looks at the Effectiveness of ThinspoImages of thin people can change how much you eat.
  28. fitness
    Tell Yourself You Like Your Workout, You’ll Do It MoreManipulation helps.
  29. best bets
    Yoga in Bed-Stuy, BPA-Free Water Bottles, and a Trainer’s Dumbbell ExercisesWhat’s new in New York stores, fitness edition.
  30. my two cents
    How Can I Afford to Work Out Without Going Broke?Gyms aren’t always the answer.
  31. inevitable diet package
    I Tried the Most Extreme Workout in ParisIt wasn’t that hard.
  32. meanwhile in scandanavia
    Swedish ‘Bikini Cop’ Now an Instagram Fitness StarShe’s found her true calling as a fitness star.
  33. am i dying
    Why Are My Arms Swelling Up After a Hard Workout?This could be serious.
  34. life advice from 50 cent
    50 Cent Learned the Hard Way That Yoga Isn’t Just Stretching“I thought I was going to stretch in a sauna.”
  35. bragging rights
    When It Comes to Fitness, Women Have One Pretty Surprising AdvantageToo bad many exercise-science studies don’t account for it.
  36. Life Lessons From the Guy Who Just Ran the Appalachian Trail Faster Than Anyone“So much of success comes down to what is happening inside your head.”
  37. fitness
    Cardio Protects You From Depression, Says Million-Person StudyKeep running, everybody.
  38. wellness theories
    Helena Christensen Wants to Be a Mermaid“That would be the ultimate wellness situation for me.”
  39. say it ain't so
    ClassPass Got Rid of Its Unlimited Plan, and People Are Freaking OutYou can now only buy five- or ten-class plans.
  40. dancing queen
    Teyana Taylor Wants You to Dance Yourself to a Sweaty, New, Fit SelfGet ready for the Teyana Taylor workout plan.
  41. swellness
    It’s Okay to Do Yoga Purely for the ExerciseIt doesn’t have to be spiritual.
  42. This Is One of the Only Performance-Enhancing Supplements That Actually WorksThe very real effects of totally fake interventions.
  43. If You Run Fast Enough You Can Shut Your Mind Up for a WhileA neuroscientist explains the cognitive effects of high-intensity workouts.
  44. wellness theories
    A Plus-Size Star on the Motivating Power of Instagram“I make a conscious effort on who I follow on social media.”
  45. exercise buddies
    Working Out With a Friend Is the Best Way to ExerciseA new study found that people with workout buddies are less likely to skip the gym.
  46. fit moms
    This Original ‘Fit Mom’ Now Feels Badly About Shaming Moms for Not Working Out“No excuses” mom has found an excuse.
  47. wellness theories
    Donald Faison on Shaving His Head and Keeping It RealThe Clueless and Scrubs star talks about how he stays healthy.
  48. data dumps
    Using a Fitness Tracker Doesn’t Help You Lose WeightPeople without one shed more pounds.
  49. can u not
    Here’s How to Make Running a Marathon Even More God-awfulAdd a slow-moving train.
  50. Dreams Come True
    Gyms in Hong Kong Are Making Dreams Come True by Opening On-site RestaurantsGyms have heard our prayers.
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