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  1. horniculture
    Please Keep This Smelly Penis Plant Far Away From MeA town in the Netherlands has welcomed a very rare phallic flower that sounds, frankly, disgusting.
  2. wellness theories
    Seema Bansal Makes Rose Ice With Her CrystalsAnd carries her crystals in her purse.
  3. A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Succulent and Floral ArrangementsFrom versatile planters for your home to lounge furniture for the perfect patio soiree, shop CB2’s outdoor collection to revamp your space this summer
  4. science
    The ‘Ugliest Orchid in the World’ Doesn’t Need Your ApprovalThe new flower, discovered in the forests of Madagascar, might not be described as a looker, but she brings so much more to the ecosystem.
  5. florals
    Florals Did Used to Be GroundbreakingDior’s newest book is all about the designer’s special relationship with flowers.
  6. environment
    Maybe Think Twice Before Buying That BouquetYour romantic Valentine’s Day gesture is terrible for the environment.
  7. scent memories
    For This Florist, Friendship Smells Like a Burger and FriesEric Buterbaugh, florist to the stars, shares his favorite floral and non-floral scents.
  8. summer blooms
    How to Give a Flower Arrangement a Second LifeFreakebana 101.
  9. summer blooms
    A Flower Arrangement for an Intense Dose of WhimsyA bunch of beautiful green balls. Why not?
  10. summer blooms
    A Chic Flower Arrangement in Four Shades of RedWith help from Ina Garten.
  11. summer blooms
    A Flower Arrangement for a Summertime Dinner PartyAll you need is some empty wine bottles and a bodega bouquet.
  12. summer blooms
    A Flower Arrangement for Summer GothsAs inspired by Rihanna’s British Vogue Cover.
  13. tribes
    The Ecoartists Who Are Relandscaping New York’s Concrete JungleA movement focused on “giving back to the environment that we’ve taken so much from.”
  14. alert alert
    Today Is the Perfect Day to Buy PeoniesIt’s the best thing you can do after work.
  15. home decor
    I’m Obsessed With These Affordable Faux FlowersThey start at $6.
  16. best bets
    A New Meditation Bus, Translucent Teapots, and a Fashionable Plant ShopWhat’s new in New York stores.
  17. best bets
    A Bottega Veneta Flagship, Two Niche Bookstores, and a Climbing Gym in BushwickWhat’s new in New York stores.
  18. it’s a thing
    Freakebana: The New, Ugly-Cool Style of Arranging FlowersIt’s pronounced “freak-eh-ba-na.”
  19. now smell this
    How an Ex-Banker Became a Flower Farmer in the French RivieraDior’s jasmine supplier on her enviable job.
  20. in bloom
    A Trip to the Tiny Washington Flower Farm That Has Become a Worldwide SensationFloret Flowers owner Erin Benzakein turned two acres of land into a business, a book, and a thriving brand.
  21. WATCH: This Botanical Artist Creates Intricate, Ethereal SculpturesHis work reveals the stunning fragility of nature.
  22. gallery
    See Colorful Flowers Reimagined as SculpturesThe new book In Full Flower spotlights influential floral designers.
  23. summer weddings 2017
    20 Subtle Wedding Bouquets That Won’t Outshine Your DressMake an (under)statement with an arrangement of soft, muted flora: Ocean Song roses, baby-blue eucalyptus, and more.
  24. pretty things
    This Florist Is Like an Impressionist PainterAnd he’s definitely a New York legend.
  25. pretty things
    When You Add Flowers to a Room, You Also Add LifeEven if it’s just a single stem.
  26. A Nature Guide to New York, From Floral Class Teacher Amy MerrickFrom wallpaper to farmers’ markets.
  27. gallery
    Zone Out With These Psychedelic Garden Photos Flowers and Mushrooms, by famed Swiss duo Fischli/Weiss.
  28. style guide
    5 Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair Without Looking Like a FestivalgoerNo Coachella-esque garland crowns here.
  29. summer weddings 2016
    18 Wedding Bouquets That Aren’t Too PerfectUnfussy flowers for walking down the aisle.
  30. just browsing
    These Pretty, Fancy Sneakers Are Made for SpringEven minimalists can find themselves drawn the maximalism trend.
  31. space flowers
    Flowers in Space? Buddy, You Better Believe ItRoses are red / Violets are blue / This flower grew in space / How about you?
  32. weddings!
    His & Hers: Colorful Wedding Bouquets and BoutonnieresOr hers and hers. Or his and his.
  33. aspiration
    I Like This Bitch’s Life: Why Can’t I Be an Instagram Florist?I Like This Bitch’s Life, Amy Merrick edition.
  34. weddings!
    22 Gorgeous Monochromatic Wedding BouquetsHold something bold on the big day.
  35. conspicuous consumption
    A New Instagram Obsession: Russian Women With Many FlowersWhy do these women have so many flowers? What are all these flowers communicating?
  36. look of the day
    Anna Dello Russo Is Really Serious About Flower PowerIn a horticultural ensemble.
  37. quotable
    Drew Barrymore Sees Life As a Lucky PennyThe universe hands her a flower.
  38. season’s giftings
    How to Say ‘Thank You’ Like a Fashion PersonShower your hosts with flowers, massages, and weird plants.
  39. first looks
    First Look: A Photographer Rethinks Female BeautyBilly Kidd previews his first solo exhibition, Transience.
  40. style tribes
    Style Tribes: The Flower Girls of BrooklynFive creative women committed to the art of floral arrangements.
  41. zoom shots
    Zoom Shot: Prada’s Floral AppliquésThere’s more to the show than those toe-socks!
  42. fashion album
    ’Tis the Season for Men to Wear FlowersFlowers make men feel better (research proves it!) so why shouldn’t they wear them? In fact, why shouldn’t they wear TONS of them?