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  1. career
    How the President of the Las Vegas Raiders Gets It DoneSandra Douglass Morgan hosted thousands of football fans (and Taylor Swift!) for the 2024 Super Bowl.
  2. sports
    Everything You Need to Know About the Super BowlWho is playing? How do you watch? Will Taylor Swift be there? We’ve got you.
  3. sports!
    Taylor Swift, Rookie of the YearA salute to the Chiefs’ most enthusiastic fan.
  4. celebrity
    Kim Might Actually Have Her Own Football GuyThings with Odell Beckham Jr. are reportedly getting “serious.”
  5. super bowl 2024
    I’m Only Watching the Super Bowl for Jason KelceWith all due respect to Travis and Taylor, I’d rather watch the other Kelce in the box.
  6. recommendations
    An Ode to Hard KnocksI love watching my football boys … as long as they’re not actually playing football.
  7. sports!
    How Else Would Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Celebrate a Touchdown?Travis Kelce is already fluent in Swiftian.
  8. sports!
    Which Sport Is Best for Hanging Out?Your group chat does not need to plan an NFL outing.
  9. come again?
    Simone Biles’s Husband Thinks He’s the ‘Catch’Excuse me?
  10. home for the holidays
    Please Don’t Subject Me to Football on ThanksgivingThere are plenty of delightful things to half-watch while inhaling mashed potatoes.
  11. sports!
    A Guide to the Famous NFL Girlfriends Not Named TaylorFor all you new football newbies watching from the sidelines.
  12. celebrity
    Even Travis Kelce Thinks This Is a Bit MuchHe says the NFL is “overdoing it a little bit for sure” when it comes to Taylor Swift.
  13. sports!
    Taylor Swift Takes a Sudden Interest in FootballWho doesn’t love a tight end?
  14. capitalism
    Traylor Is Already Too MuchWe’re drowning in ketchup and seemingly ranch.
  15. athletes
    Michael Oher Claims The Blind Side Was a LieA judge terminated the NFL player’s conservatorship, but did not dismiss his lawsuit.
  16. adoption
    Michael Oher Doesn’t Have to Be Grateful to the TuohysAngela Tucker, a transracial adoptee and mentor, on the impact of The Blind Side and the reaction to Oher’s claim that it was based on a lie.
  17. sexual battery
    What We Know About the Arrest of Jackson MahomesThe TikTok influencer and younger brother of Patrick Mahomes has been charged with sexual battery.
  18. fact check
    Actually Gisele Loves FootballShe says she did not make Tom Brady choose between her and his other spouse, quarterbacking.
  19. celebrity
    Is This Really Tom Brady’s Plan to Win Gisele Back?The former quarterback is reportedly considering….comedy?
  20. super bowl lvii
    Jason Derulo Brought Dancing Robot Dogs to the Super BowlArtificially intelligent canines are where I draw the line.
  21. ‘wellness’
    Of Course Aaron Rodgers Is Going on a ‘Darkness Retreat’It’s all part of his “era of contemplation.”
  22. power
    Eagles Player Indicted on Rape ChargesAhead of the Super Bowl, rookie lineman Josh Sills faces felony charges for rape and kidnapping in Ohio.
  23. please clap
    Gisele Stays WinningShe wishes her newly retired ex the best of luck in all his future endeavors [prayer-hands emoji].
  24. finally
    Do I Feel Sad for Tom Brady Now?Having lost everything to football, the quarterback is finally retiring for real.
  25. culture
    Tom Brady’s Christmas Plans Sure Sound BleakHe apparently plans to spend the holiday alone in a hotel room.
  26. cold feet
    Looks Like These Two Will No Longer “Agree to Disagree”Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers have reportedly called off their engagement.
  27. engagements
    Simone Biles Is EngagedShe and NFL player Jonathan Owens have been together since 2020.
  28. sports!
    It’s Time for the Super Bowl AgainPigs in a blanket, baby.
  29. royal family
    The Royals Have Finally Decided to Call Out RacismSurprise: It had nothing to do with Meghan Markle.
  30. celebrity
    Shailene Woodley Still Figuring Out Her Fiancé’s Job“I knew he was a football guy but I never knew what kind of a football guy he was.”
  31. sports
    A Simple Trick for Enduring Football SeasonCourtesy of Jenny Slate.
  32. heroism
    This Crocheting Woman Is the MVP of SportsThis is how to “watch” a football game, or any game for that matter.
  33. sexual assault
    NFL Star Antonio Brown Accused of Rape by Former TrainerA new lawsuit alleges that the Patriots wide receiver forcibly raped a woman at his Miami home.
  34. power
    Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Charged With Soliciting ProstitutionDetectives allegedly have video evidence of Kraft engaging in sex acts at a Florida spa.
  35. protests
    49ers Cheerleader Becomes First to Take a Knee During National AnthemThis seems to be the first time an NFL cheerleader has joined the protest against police brutality.
  36. equality
    The NFL Will Have Male Cheerleaders for the First Time EverThis season, three men are joining the squads of the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints.
  37. booleading
    No Sweatpants in Public, and Other Harsh Rules for NFL CheerleadersA new report details what can get cheerleaders fired.
  38. firsts
    Tom Brady Finally Eats a StrawberryA historic moment.
  39. activism
    The Cheerleader Behind the Viral #TakeAKnee PhotoWhen Raianna Brown tweeted a photo of herself kneeling during a Georgia Tech football game, she never expected to get the reaction it did.
  40. Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Suspended After Domestic-Violence InvestigationHe’s expected to appeal.
  41. sports
    A Baby Showed Up to the NFL DraftHow sports!
  42. empathy
    Gladwell: HDTV Has Made the NFL Psychologically PainfulThe greater the empathy, the worse the viewing experience.
  43. can u not
    Dad of Football Player Accused of Rape: It Was Consensual Because Girls Want HimThis high-schooler’s dad needs to stop talking.
  44. The Election Is So Nuts That 500 Corporations Are Blaming It for Bad PerformanceThe only thing more powerful than the weather or Kim Kardashian.
  45. Eating Disorders
    Penn State Football Player Reveals He Has an Eating Disorder in ‘Brave’ PostJoey Julius’s coach and teammates have voiced their support since the announcement.
  46. Wellness Theories
    Alyssa Milano on Football, Spinning, and Why She Hates Eating AloneThe mom of two young kids says wellness is a balancing act.
  47. the long game
    The NFL Is Taking Steps to Recruit More WomenIt’s part of a major push for gender equality.
  48. unwifeable
    7 Things Football Taught Me About Fighting With My HusbandI’m going to start yelling “touchdown!” when I’m right.
  49. Tom Brady Has Never Eaten a Strawberry in His Entire LifeAnd he doesn’t plan on trying one now.
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    Baylor Demotes University President, Fires Coach for Mishandling Rape ClaimsAthletics staff “improperly discredited” rape victims and “denied them a right to a fair investigation.”
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