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  1. women at work
    Beyoncé Is the Highest-Paid Woman in Music Right NowShe tops Taylor Swift, according to a new report from Forbes.
  2. equal pay
    These Are the Highest-Paid Actresses in the WorldSpoiler alert: They’re all white.
  3. false lists
    Channing Tatum Is Worth Every PennyAccording to Forbes, Channing Tatum is Hollywood’s seventh-most overpaid actor of 2015. This is false.
  4. money honeys
    Cara, Anja, and Jourdan Made the Forbes ListTheir first time netting the “highest-paid models” designation.
  5. personal finance
    Gisele Just Makes Insane Amounts of Money Piles. Piles of money.
  6. Wintour, Prada, DVF Among Forbes Power Ladies Powerful but not #bossy.
  7. the rich
    Gisele Got Audited Because of a Forbes ListBreak out the tiny violins.
  8. having it all
    Women Are the Most Powerful Celebrities and the Least Powerful WorkersAs women break Forbes’ arbitrary glass ceilings, congressional Democrats advocate raising the floor. 
  9. quotables
    Tory Burch Is Thankful for Oprah; We’re Thankful for Livia FirthFrom one billionaire to another.
  10. payday!
    Tory Burch Officially a Billionaire, Says Forbes She made the mag’s 2013 Billionaires List.
  11. arbitrary lists
    Forbes: The Olsens Are ‘Reinventing the World’Yep, Forbes has another arbitrary list out.
  12. loose threads
    Coco Rocha Takes a Stand Against Photoshop; Kmart Tries to Improve Its Fashion CredAlso, Lauren Conrad is now contributing to ‘Forbes.’
  13. model tracker
    Forbes Thinks Gisele Could Become ‘the World’s First Billionaire Supermodel’But one can never take these stories too seriously.
  14. loose threads
    Zooey Deschanel Sues Steve Madden; Coco Rocha Covers Italian ElleAlso, Norma Kamali is planning to start a diffusion line, which will be sold through her website, and ‘Forbes’ ranked New York behind Phoenix and Detroit on a list of best cities for shopping.
  15. loose threads
    Christina Hendricks Covers Harper’s Bazaar; Top Buyer Doubts the Appeal of MinimalismAlso, Jean Paul Gaultier can’t ride a horse or a bike.
  16. model tracker
    Forbes: Gisele Is More Powerful Than Heidi KlumHooray for arbitrary lists!
  17. model tracker
    Forbes’ Highest-Paid Model List Hasn’t Really Changed Over the Past Three YearsGisele is the richest, but you’ve known that.