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  1. Ford and V Magazine Are Turning Their Model Search to AmericaPatriotic!
  2. role model
    Calvin Klein’s Controversial Model Myla Dalbesio on Art, Envy, and Body ImageMyla Dalbesio was at the center of a firestorm this week.
  3. obituaries
    Ford Models Founder Eileen Ford Has Passed AwayShe was 92.
  4. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Philip Witts, VMan’s Newest Male-Model WinnerKarl Lagerfeld took his photo, and Ford gave him a contract.
  5. lawsuits
    Models Sue for ‘Shoddy Accounting’ at Top AgenciesFord, Wilhemina, and Elite Models are all named in the class-action suit.
  6. ballsy lawsuits
    Model Would Prefer Not to ‘Rev Up Your Love Life’So she filed a $23 million lawsuit.
  7. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl: Ashleigh Good Went From Gutting Fish to Walking for GivenchyThe 20-year-old New Zealander thought she had a stalker. Turns out, it was just a model scout with a good eye.
  8. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl: Givenchy’s Grace MaharyThe 22-year-old stopped by our offices to chat about working with Riccardo Tisci and her undying love for basketball.
  9. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl: Candice HuffineThe proud Maryland native talks about her beauty pageant days of yore and her lack of partying at McDonald’s.
  10. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl: Laura LoveThe L.A. native chats with us about her many years studying ballet and how that’s helped her move into modeling.
  11. model tracker
    Ford Models Names 2011’s ‘Supermodel of the World’Congrats to the champ.
  12. loose threads
    Miranda Kerr Shills Lemon Iced Tea in Japan; Topshop’s ‘Shakespere’ TypoPlus, the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund starts up a cultural exchange, Daphne Guinness covers Tatler Hong Kong, and more fashion news.
  13. age limits
    Ford Will Represent Models Under the Age of 16 This Fashion Week After AllThey don’t agree with the CFDA’s rule that models must be 16 and over.
  14. faces of things
    Is Karmen Pedaru Spring 2012’s Campaign Queen? She’s landed Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Michael Kors, and Chloé so far.
  15. model tracker
    Model Kendra Spears Owes Her Old Agency a Lot of MoneySix figures.
  16. quotables
    Vogue Wasn’t Interested in China MachadoAnd that made Eileen Ford, her booker, cry.
  17. body issues
    Why Models Make The Switch to Plus-Size Modeling? Sick of starving themselves, these women decided to stop promoting an unrealistic body ideal.
  18. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl: Cora Emmanuel Thought Modeling Was ‘Stupid’After several seasons as a struggling new face, 20-year-old Cora Emmanuel is finally having her moment.
  19. model tracker
    What’s the Ultimate Job a Model Can Book These Days?Is it opening the Prada show? Or is it landing the cover of ‘Vogue’?
  20. model diaries
    Video: Alexander Wang Runway Stars Maria Bradley and Lara Mullen Discuss Their First Fashion Show“I was lost in a sea of people taller and skinnier and, what I thought, more beautiful than me.”
  21. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl Exclusive: How Gisele Bündchen ‘Rescued’ Lara Mullen at GivenchyThis season’s breakout star had a shoe emergency backstage.
  22. model tracker
    Meet the New Girl: Allaire Heisig Can Make a Mean Batch of BrowniesWe met with the Long Island native to talk about Marc Jacobs and Valentino.
  23. loose threads
    Ungaro Foreshadowing; Jersey Shore’s Sammi Wants a Clothing LineAlso, the billionaire who bought Ford Models once paid $4 million for a George Michael performance.
  24. model tracker
    Paul Rowland is on a Mission to Diversify Ford ModelsRowland opened a scouting office in North Africa — how’s that for starters?
  25. loose threads
    Jason Wu to Attend White House Correspondents Dinner; Model Shuffle at FordAlso, check out the stock and prices at the Bulgari sale.
  26. model tracker
    See Amber Rose’s Modeling Test ShotsThe new Ford model is getting to work.
  27. model tracker
    Meet the V Man Magazine Model Search FinalistsDaiv Ambrose and D’Marco Jones are in for the shoot of their lives.
  28. model tracker
    Model Kendra Spears Sparks Lawsuit Between Ford and Next AgenciesFord claims that Spears breached her three-year contract by moving to Next Management.
  29. model tracker
    Jerry Hall Signs With Ford Models, AgainThe return of the supermodel doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon.
  30. wanna be on top
    ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Winner Joins Park Slope Barista ForceSuch is the fate of cycle-four winner Naima Mora.
  31. run through
    Ford Models Founder Jerry Ford DiesFord died Sunday at the age of 83 owing to a heart condition.