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  1. Beyoncé Blessed Two Fans With Hair ComplimentsThe chosen ones.
  2. dear white people
    Why Are White People Trying to Ruin ‘Formation’?You know why Beyoncé sings “Formation”? So you don’t have to.
  3. cheddar bey biscuits
    Red Lobster Is Feeling the Beyoncé EffectThey’re making a lot of Cheddar (Bay Biscuits).
  4. jessica williams for president
    Jessica Williams Has a Message for All of Beyoncé’s CriticsShhhhh. Shhhh.
  5. roundtables
    Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’: Young, Gifted, and BlackFour New York editors discuss Beyoncé’s latest world-stopping video.
  6. fashion
    Every Look from Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ VideoA field guide to the fashion of “Formation.”
  7. hairy situations
    Beyoncé’s New Video Has Some Amazing HairIn “Formation.”
  8. Beyoncé Releases Clothes to Go With New SongWe all need a “Slay” shirt.