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Fox And Friends

  1. birthdays
    Donald Trump Jr. Offers Up Bleak Birthday Message to His Absent Dad“Hopefully he’s watching … I imagine he is.”
  2. awkward moments
    Fox News Segment Interrupted by Man Holding ‘Fox Lies’ Sign“This is fake news,” he told the camera.
  3. freudian typo
    Fox & Friends Found a New Way to Remind Everyone That Jared Kushner Is JewishThe ticker mistakenly referred to him as ”Jared Kosher.”
  4. politics
    Ivanka Trump Says She Was ‘Blindsided’ by Reaction to Her Father’s Presidency“There’s a level of viciousness that I was not expecting.”
  5. everyday sexism
    Spring Cleaning Gets Sexist on Fox & Friends“I’m excited to watch you do it.”
  6. everyday sexism
    All the Sexist Comments Made to Gretchen Carlson“When it comes to bra stories, defer to the babe.”
  7. video
    Fox News Asks Panel of Dads to Debate Whether or Not Women Should Wear LeggingsMakes sense, since their opinion is the most relevant here.